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Rats and mice will often avoid the bait on traps because of their timid nature. Inaccurate placement and technique will result in an untouched trap and a thriving rodent population.

Successfully capturing rodents with traps requires specialized technique and knowledge. Our rodent control technicians strategically position and set traps to eliminate even the most cautious rodents.

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I was impressed with Alex from the Attic Doctors because he showed such a keen awareness and detail to our issues with the smell that was in our Attic. I trusted him after he left, and then he later returned a few days later with the crew to help the attic cleanup and disinfect and reinstall new insulation in my attic.


The Attic Doctors came on time and were not in any hurry to leave. They get my seal of approval, anytime, every time…thanks!


The owner of the Attic Doctors came to give us a free estimate and was very pleasant, funny and thorough. The price was very reasonable. The guys who came to do the work, were way beyond my maid who does my cleaning, they should be called the Clean Guys! Lynda

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About The Attic Doctors

The Attic Doctors started years ago while I was a General Contractor and a C-20 Air Conditioner Contractor working with six Home Depots in the L. A. area. I was always trying to curb and control climate temperatures and mend toxic or contaminates found in the attic areas in the homes I was working on. Heat load factors in these attics would always be a constant issue that comes with older construction.Offering full attic services from Attic Cleaning,Attic Insulation Removal to Cool Attic Fan.

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