Attic Insulation

Insulation plays such a vital role in curbing not only the heat load factor in your attic region but also the sound travel from room to room. Using the proper type of insulation and R rated material for the appropriate need is what makes The Service stand out. Title 24 wants either R30 or R38 up in the attic area depending on what suits the need and whether it’s cellulose or batted fiberglass will also be the consideration. A quality installation is imperative for insulation to do its job.

Product Feature

If you’re looking for the major cause of losing heat or cold air, and why one room is either hot or cold all the time in your house, or why the AC or furnace is running constantly, it’s usually found in the amount of air leakage in our home. The attic has so many openings that need to be closed up, so the loss won’t exceed the gain, and that desired temperature we want will maintain a constant, which is what every homeowner wants especially if it also saves them money.


Attic Thermal Barrier

Our roofs can reach temperatures ranging from 140 to 170 degrees during peek hot summer times and that can cause havoc with our attic space. Installing a thermal barrier to deflect the heat load from the suns rays to avoid the overload is how to hold in check the temperature in the attic. When we help stop the excessive radiant heat from traveling to the attic floor, we can almost guarantee a much cooler space.

Attic Duct Sealing

If our air ducts are always in constant battle cause of hot or cold climates then it would seem the right thing to do and make sure that our ducts are all in a row so to speak. You have to make sure that there are no leaks anywhere in the chain. Proper methods of installation are what a great HVAC contractor will always perform.


A/C Condenser/Coil

Picking the right condenser and coil for the right application takes a pro! If you spend a tad more, you’ll usually be glad you did, if you’re working with a trusted and extremely knowledgeable A/C salesperson. Trane, YorkAmerican Standard are a few of the brands we recommend.


Choosing the best furnace, which is the “workhorse” for the entire HVAC system is a must. If you want no side affects or downturns to save a buck, the furnace must have an efficiency rating of at least 90%. You will not only get rebates back from the state or local utilities but also feel the constant warmth that a nice furnace should produce.


Crawl Space Insulation

When your house was built, it was either on a concrete slab or raised foundation. If you have a crawl space that has not been updated to Title 24 standards for saving energy and air loss, then you need to call us. We know a house has 3 components, like ABCs. The first is the Attic, then the Basement/Crawlspace and last is the Conditioned space where we eat and sleep. That crawl area needs attention to stave off airflow, air loss and cold air transfer. This takes thermal barriers and insulation.

Let us prove the science behind the ABCs of keeping your house safe, comfortable and cozy.

Moisture Barrier

We all need water these days, yet moisture that’s produced from heat and cold can birth mold. And mold is not something we want to tackle with kids or those with allergic reactions. Also, water is not a pleasant thing for our wood beams, which may cause wood decay. Installing moisture barriers, in both the attic and crawl areas, is vital to not only the ceiling above us but also the floor beneath us. The Service is trying to help you, the homeowner, get a good night sleep and not have to worry about what’s happening to your house.


Quiet Cool Fan System

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