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Professional Attic Cleaning & Insulation Removal Services for Your Home Comfort

✅Cleaner attic=Better indoor 🍃air quality, breathe free

✅New insulation replacement=More comfortable home all seasons

✅Reduce💰wasted on energy bills

✅No more 🐀rodent?issues, Hallelujah!

✅Eliminate potential health hazards⚠️

✅More attic space to organize stuff

✅One time investment, lifelong benefits

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Get Comfy at Home 🚫Rats🚫

Clean up the old crappy, rats dropping contaminated insulation and

install the new batt insulation & ductwork in your attic!

U can finally relax and enjoy a wonderful time at home without wondering,

“What’s in my attic?” “Is it bad for our health?”

( ⚠️Yes, old insulation/air duct can be a heath hazard⚠️)

Before Attic Cleaning and Rodent Removal by The Attic Doctors

Before Attic Cleaning and Rodent Removal Service

After Attic Insulation and Ductwork Replacement by The Attic Doctors

After Attic Insulation and Ductwork Repalcement Service

Vacuuming rodent droppings

Attic Insulation Removal & Cleaning

Vacuum and clean up rodent droppings & all the dirty, contaminated blowin/batt insulation in the attic.

Attic Insulation Replacement

Attic Insulation Replacement

Quality new R rated insulation keeps your home  warm, clean, safe & sound proofed.

Attic Sanitisation in at work

Attic Disinfect & Sanitation

100% Clean&Safe full attic sanitiation keeps all the germs away.

Attic Cooling system

Attic Cooling

Cool Attic = Cool House = Comfy Family

Attic Sealing

Attic Sealing

Reduce air leakage and keep your home energy efficient.

Dead rat removed by The Attic Doctors

Attic Rodent Removal & Proofing

Eliminate all the annoying intruders in your attic and finally have peace of mind. No more noise. No more rats. FREE rodent removal&proofing with full attic upgrade services.

Replacing Ductwork

Ductwork Replacement

Get your perfect air flow going by repairing/replacing your ductwork.

Installing Radiant Barrier

Attic Radiant Barrier

#1 Cost Effective Energy saving solution that keeps your cool in summer, warm in winter.

Full Home Comfort Solutions : Attic Insulation & HVAC Services ( Super Legit!!!)

Cleaning and Insulating Your Attic by Professional Insulation Contractors. Our energy upgrade services go beyond just the insulation! We're also HVAC contractors!

C-2 Insulation Contractor 

C-2 Insulation contractor license.png

C-20 HVAC Contractor 

C-20 hvac contractor license.png

B-1 General Contractor 

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What’s your house issue? The Attic Doc has the Cure!

My House is NOT Comfortable

Ductwork is NOT Working

Having 🐀Rodent Nightmares

Poor Indoor Air Quality



You Save TIME and $! Why hire multiple companies to do various projects, if you can get us to do it all?

Get our package deal ! Complete your home upgrade project

once and for all! 

(You’ll feel awesome to get it done RIGHT!)

FREE Attic Rodent Removal Service

with full attic upgrade services!

We will NOT stop serving your home until your rodents are GONE FOREVER!

Rats and mice will often avoid the bait on traps because of their timid nature. Inaccurate placement and technique will result in an untouched trap and a thriving rodent population.

Successfully capturing rodents with traps requires specialized technique and knowledge. Our rodent control technicians strategically position and set traps to eliminate even the most cautious rodents.

End Your Worst Rats Nightmare!

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Rodent making a hole in the wall

Top Notch Attic Insulation and HVAC Services

We Strive for The Best Customer Experience all the time! Here's Proof!

Get Your “House Comforter” this Holiday Season and for life!

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

The owner of the Attic Doctors came to give us a free estimate and was very pleasant, knowledgeable and experienced. The price was very reasonable. Not the cheapest but the most valuable package for us. They did a great job on our A/C installation and attic insulation installation! Fast response, professional service, quality equipment. Great company to work with!

Lynda G

Laguna Beach 92651, Orange County

Found The Attic Doctors on the O.C. Register front page. They are a smaller company who really care about their customers’ concerns and will do whatever it takes to take care of your home. Super thorough inspections, professional crews arrived on time and installed brand new R-38 batt insulation as well as the radiant barrier. Top notch attic cleaning and attic insulation removal services! Within 1 day of work, totally changed our home environment! It is way cooler after the energy upgrade. We’ve noticed the reduced usage of our A/C! Very happy with their service!

Allan J

Brea 92821, Orange County

I was impressed with Mark from the Attic Doctors because he showed such a keen awareness and detail to our problems with the rodent that was in our Attic. I trusted him after he left, and then he later returned a few days later with the crew to help the attic cleanup and disinfect and reinstall new batt insulation in my attic. Now my husband and my kids feel safe and able to breath fresh air again! If you need attic rodents removal service, The Attic Doc is the one to call!

Kate D

Yorba Linda 92808, Orange County

Since you’ll only need to do it ONCE,

Should’ve done this a long time ago for my house in Mission Viejo! Everything in my attic is cleaned up and no more worries about the rodents anymore!


45 years Homeowne, Mission Viejo, Orange County 92653


We had rats in our house and it was a total nightmare! We called a few rodent removal companies and took care of the issue in the house, but not a very long time after that, I heard the noise in the attic again! Called the Attic Doctors and Mark came by for a free estimate. He was very professional and detail orientated. The best way to stop the rat’s issue in future is to clean up the old insulation and seal the entry points, then replace with new attic insulation. We took his advice and they did a great job for our 45 years old attic. Now everything is cleaned up and no more worries about the rodents anymore! Loved workign with his team!

We needed to replace the old ductwork and vents, our friend referred The Attic Doctors. Mark came to our hosue for a free inspection. It turned out the rats had been eating our ducts. Horrible! No wonder our electricity bill was so HIGH and the A/C didn’t work so well like before. His estimate was reasonable and I trusted his expertise. His crew was unbelievalbe fast! Finished ductwork replacement, attic cleaning, rodent removal and the new insualtion installation within the same day! They sure worked super hard. Very happy with the end result. Fixed the issues that caused my uncomfortable home temperature. So glad to clean up the contaminated attic. 5 star attic service for sure!


Save me a lot of $ and Time! Replaced the ductwork. Fixed the issue and really glad to clean up the contaminated attic. 5-star⭐service!

James Lee

New Homeowner, Placentia, Orange County 92811

A PERFECT company to handle multiple home improvment projects! Did an amazing attic cleanup and insualtion replacement job! Top quality!👍


15 years Homeowner, Tustin, Orange County 92606


Have been thinking about getting some insulation in our attic to stop the heat in the house. Saw Mark’s photo on the front page of the O.C Register. He is the owner of The Attic Doctors in Orage County. Then I found the contact number and talked to him on the phone. To be honest, I was not really ready to hire anymore when I called him at first., just wanting to get some free info from a professional insulation contractor. He didn’t mind spending time with me and told me what was right thing to do for my situation. He was genuinely trying to help me no matter if I use him or not. I think he knows his trade and thats probably why he was featured on the front page in the white coverall coat! We finally decided to hire them to install the new inulation in our attic and also install the quiet cool fan, which were lower cost solution to cool down the house without paying so much for a new A/C system. The crew of 4 did an amazing job. Everything looked clean and the insulation was top quality. The price was a good deal, not the cheapest but I beleive you get what you pay for! Overall it was a pleasure to work with them. Will hire them for our A/C system installation for my parents house in future!

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