There's a "DUMP" above your head!

Clean Attic=Clean Air=Better Health

  It’s a landfill; it’s a dump; it’s a trash heap; it’s a mess up there; it’s toxic waste; or it’s miscellaneous debris from the Eisenhower Era, or it’s just pounds of old insulation, which is certifiably useless. It’s a “tragic begets tragic” saga!

     So, who put this Hodgepodge of crap into your Attic Space? And who’s gonna dispose or remove it? First, I don’t think it matters who originated this misuse of worthless remains. And secondly, whoever removes this toxic waste is thinking very prudent and looking out for all parties involved. And this action deserves a reaction to make clean that which is a dirty mess.

     So, what’s in the mix? Most old insulation which inhabits your attic space is not worth its existence. It’s not functioning as per specs, and it’s not safe for inhabiting as per humanoid. What you have up there is one big mess. My recommendation is to remove the old, crappy, contaminated insulation ASAP. Don’t think twice or even allow yourself to mull it over. This insulation needs to be replaced and upgraded to current building standards. Go for it!

     So, when you gonna get it done, buster? I’ve already stated the obvious. What you see needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. Your indoor air quality, which is where you hide out, maybe affected by “the dump above your head.” You can decipher your IAQ with a proper meter because it’s nice to know when you breathe in, you’re taking in quality air versus a “smog bank of viruses and pollutants. That’s a no-brainer, don’t ya think?

     So, where in the heck is it? They say, location, location, location. And when you need to deal with your GPS for a Land Fill, your first point of contact will be your very own attic space. There’s an access door or panel somewhere in your castle to take a gander at your soiled, caustic pile of whatever! The attic space is always on the short end of “making sure everything in its place.” What you can’t see may hurt, in my humble opinion. The facts are there to prove it, while the apparent trash heap, which is growing by the moment, is enough to raise your BPM and seek medical attention.

     So, why is this pile of rubble still a resident in your cushy abode? After the first four Ws, it seems easy to come to some conclusion why you need to take care of serious issues. Clean it up, buster! Hey, remove the trash, okay! If you got a dump lying about 4 feet above your cranial nut, the response is simple. Just Do It! Whys are difficult to deal with, especially when it’s easier just to close the lid, if you know what I mean? Yes, you can button down the hatch, pull up the anchor, and sail that yacht of yours to the Caribbean, but you’re still refusing to relocate your crap fest to a local dump. Come on, my friend, you know what’s good for you and what’s right in your eyes, just do it!

So, how are you gonna get rid of all that attic crap? Call me! I’m the Doctor I’m a licensed C-2 Insulation Contractor and C-20 HVAC Contractor serving Orange County and La County . I’ll take care of that “Dump Above Your Head,” muy pronto! Yes, it takes a pro to take care of this critical issue. I’m licensed, bonded, and a seasoned, experienced pro who goes on location every time I do a “root canal” on old insulation. I pull out the root and fill it with new R38 Owens Corning Insulation. Now that’s a job worth having a professional do. I’m here for you! Call me at 714 269 6544.



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Never thought old attic insulation could cause so much potential health issues. The Attic Doc took care of it in less than 1 day! Finally my family can breathe clean air!

Julia, Huntington Beach 15 Years Homeowners

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