Having rats or mice in the attic is bad news for many reasons. Rodents in the attic often make irritating scuttling, clawing, and munching noises that can keep you awake at night. Aside from the noise, their activity in the attic can cause extensive damage that may cost a lot of money to repair. This is in addition to the health risks that these animals pose by living in the same space as you. Dealing with this problem as fast as possible is key to maintaining indoor air quality, comfort, health, and peace of mind. But how do you deal with rodents that have infested or taken over your attic space? Here’re some advice

Do You Have Rats in the Attic?

Verifying that you have rats in the attic is the first step towards addressing the problem. If this is your first time “rodent nightmare,” chances are high you may not know the signs to watch out for. Usually, rats or rodents in your attic make strange noises and leave small droppings in your attic. The noises may become louder and bolder at night, thus indicating the problem.

If you think you may have rats, we recommend inspecting for a rat problem in the attic as soon as possible. Below are some of the common signs you’re likely to encounter to confirm your suspicions.

Rat Droppings

One of the biggest tell-tale signs of a rat problem or rodent problem is their droppings. Rats leave their droppings everywhere, indicating their presence the the attic space. Unsure of what a rat dropping looks like? Look for brown pellet-sized materials on the attic floors, especially in the corners. The pellet-sized feces may also be darker in color, depending on what the rats have been feeding on.

Unusual Noise

Rats don’t know how to be quiet. They are often scurrying and scuttling about in your attic or loft, creating scratching noises. You may also hear strange gnawing noises, it’s a warning that these pests have become destructive. Additionally, you may hear fight noises that signal you’re dealing with more than one rat, possibly an infestation.

Smudge Marks

Rats are unhygienic and known to be carriers of some of the deadliest disease-causing pathogens. Their dirty habit is evident in the smudges they leave on wall surfaces and on the floor they walk on. You can trace their smudge mark through the length of the wall, especially in areas where they appear frequently.

Rat Nests

Rats love comfort and after gaining access to your home, they’ll try to make it as comfortable for themselves as possible. Rat nests can be made from anything, including your insulation, food remains, etc. It’s best to call a professional C-2 insulation contractor if your existing attic insulation has been compromised by rodents.

Once you’re 100% sure that you have rats or mice in the attic, you should take immediate action to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here’re some tips on how to get rid of rodents effectively.

Getting Rid of Rats in Attic and Preventing Their Return 

Getting rid of rats in the attic doesn’t fully eliminate the problem without identifying how they got into your attic. Identifying the problem offers you a chance to prevent future recurrence. One of the best ways to address this problem is by hiring attic rodent professionals for the job. Insulation contractors are the professionals you need to fix your attic rodent intrusion and get your clean, rats-free living space back!

Contact a local insulation and pest control company to inspect your attic and determine the best solution. You also need to ensure that compromised insulation is removed as it may serve as nesting areas for rodents. At the end of the rat extermination service, ask that your attic be cleaned, disinfected, and decontaminated to save you from common potential health hazards.

Once you have addressed the rat problem in Attic, the following steps are advised.

Seal Holes or Cracks to Prevent Future Rat Issues

Most rodents exploit small holes to get into your roof and attic. These small holes may not be glaringly visible to you, but they compromise the safety of your home or building. The holes affect your attic insulation and can also lead to water damage when not addressed. Contact a roofing professional to address any roof problems, or you can speak to experienced attic insulation contractors. Insulation contractors often use different insulation materials like fitted foam to fix these holes. They can also use other materials like metal flashing, hardwire cloth, and copper mesh to get the job done perfectly. Once properly sealed, you can rest assured that you’ve prevented recurring pest problems, safeguarded your home and its inhabitants, and stabilized your energy usage.

Trim Tree Limbs

Tree limbs are the most common way rats get into your roof. Rodents take advantage of untrimmed and long tree limbs to access your roof. Aside from immediate rodent problems, untrimmed tree limbs can affect your roof, especially during heavy winds. Trimming tree limbs saves you the cost of repairing your roof from damages and also protects your home from rodent attacks. You can contact the nearest tree service company in your local area to discuss your tree trimming needs.

Distance of Firewood and Piles of Debris From Your House

As stated earlier, rodents thrive in dirty and unhygienic areas. They are more attracted to piles of debris when in search of food. Keeping such things around your home is an invitation for rodents to infiltrate your property. A good way to keep rodents away is to maintain a clean and hygienic space. Ensure that you have a proper waste disposal system and that piles of debris are kept far away from your property.

Store Food Properly 

Food, shelter, and comfort are three important things rodents enjoy when they staying in your home. Having rodents access to your food means huge potential health hazards for your family. Rodents are known carriers of as many as 35 disease-causing pathogens, including hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, plague, and tularemia. You and your household may be exposed to these diseases simply by having rats in your home. Make sure that food  is properly stored and wastes are appropriately disposed to prevent health risks.
Rat problems can expose you to extreme risks that can cost you a lot of money. Speaking to our experienced Anaheim Attic insulation contractors can help solve this problem and regain your control. Schedule an appointment with The Attic Doctors for a thorough attic rodent proofing and rodent removal service.