We’ve all heard horror stories about area 51 dating back from the 50s and 60s. Some may be true and some are still left out to jury. Be that as it may, area 51 still generates chatter that is worthy of our attention don’t you think?

The government has allowed its people i.e. you and me to take full advantage of certain tax benefits when we try to preserve the utility sources that are part of our existence. Whether that be Southern California Gas, Southern California Edison, or some self perpetuated wind turbine.

I can’t stress enough about your construction and design of your house and how the attic is the key component to saving you dollars and building a better environment for those who reside there. Area 51 may be the contrast yet it could be so similar in fashion that we hate to admit it. That our attic is extremely scary. Or maybe it’s off-limits or it could be just something will leave to posterity and the Smithsonian Institute.

Your attic is your Goldmine to preventing heat transfer, cold air loss, and allowing the space where you dwell to be extremely constant. It’s not a pipe dream and believe me it’s not some far-fetched hoopla that I’m trying to perpetuate like a snake oil charmer trying to persuade you to say yes.

Attic Doctors are all about saving you money because you will have to spend little to safe huge. We know attics because we’re in them day and night. Almost like the old coal miners of yesteryear. Let us take the fear away from the label.