What you don’t see may hurt you, but so much for fear and mongering techniques. I’m a fan of cleaning just because it’s good to see and feel the finished process. My whole adult life has been spent cleaning, whether it’s bathrooms, kitchens or just vacuuming the carpet, I love to make clean those areas that are dirty. So when it comes to Attic Cleaning, what are the basic requirements that make a clean attic also a safe attic? The first step is to remove all the clutter. Everything in its place! Secondly is organization and knowing how much is too much. When is enough, enough? Never just throw something up there and forget about it. Thirdly is cleaning all the debris if you have a walk-in attic space, by removing the dust and making sure it’s safe to inhabit. The Attic Doctors are here for you to achieve your goals by cleaning up your environment on a section at a time. Let us do the work for you so you can do what you want to do and that could be absolutely nothing!      

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