It’s easy to recite out of sight out of mind.

Oh it’s like an empty closet but it’s 12 feet up.

Who goes up there anyway?

Does it really matter what’s up there, cause it’s creepy dark and very stale.

No matter what you think, the attic is one of the key components to saving you thousands of dollars of expenses to Southern California Edison. Yes it’s up there . . . that will save you down here!

I can’t believe that most people never examine the purpose and/or the reason for its existence. The attic is part of construction that ties the house together. It’s part of venting so the house will breathe. It’s also used as sends and returns of your HVAC system, your gas, water and even electrical lines. It’s all up there, whether you see it or not and most people would rather be on the “not” side of the fence.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to preserving and providing an environment that is conducive for creative thought. If the heat load factor in your attic is too high then your house is a ‘hot box’. If it’s major cold inside, the first place to look to try and curb the cold air is to consider your attic.

So what’s in that attic of yours? Because the Attic Doctors are all about developing a conditioned space where you can comfortably exist. We want you to feel warm and/or cool and maintain that temperature for hours on end. Running the AC is no way to save a buck, believe me! If you’re thinking month to month, boy that’s one way to just throw your cash away.

So what’s in your attic?