There are four parts to achieving amazing results from your attic. It’s not out of sight out of mind. And it’s not just there because it seems more aesthetically pleasing. It’s there because your house breathes like you and I. Ventilation is a key factor to cooling your attic space down. Insulation is a major force to eliminate transfer of heat from one floor to the next. Air sealing is the critical mass for this transference of air, whether it be hot and/or cold. Lastly, organization will give you the extended capabilities that your attic was built for, whether it be storage, a small room or just some hideout. When a homeowner is faced with the possibility of not only cooling the home or facilitating heat, they have to take in consideration the attic space. Heat from the outside that pounds on the roof that radiates heat into the attic cavity, which in turn transfers heat into the lower level. So how do you curb and completely eliminate this action? First you can add dormer vents to your roof to allow for more ventilation. Secondly you could make sure your insulation is 50% beyond the minimum requirement. That means if your attic has R13 but is required to have R30 as the minimum then you need to make sure you have R45 in your attic. Thirdly is the sealing of the access door, outside wall, any can lighting and other penetrations from attic to living space. Lastly, taking your attic space and making it more than just a prevention hot spot and open it up to other possibilities. Now I feel that that’s attic par excellence!