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attic insulation contractors near me - orange county

insulation contractor near me in anaheim orange county the attic doctors featured on the front page of ORANGE County RegisterIt was another day of extreme heat in Southern California as Mark Dawson, owner of The Attic Doctors, worked in an attic in Orange where the temperature was nearly 100 degrees and climbing before noon. Dawson thinks he has the second hottest job in the area, next to perhaps spreading slurry in Palm Springs where the temperature was expected to reach 117 degrees on Wednesday.
“Guys that work for me are used to working in the heat,” he said. “They probably love heat.”
Although, he acknowledged they try to start early and take more water breaks during hot spells.
By late morning the temperature was in the upper 90’s as a crew cleared weeds and trash along the railroad tracks in Anaheim for the Orange County Transportation Authority.
“When it gets hot like this, they take extra water breaks,” said Gerald Smith, a senior rail maintenance of way administrator for the OCTA.
Further inland at Perris Hill Park in San Bernardino, George Ledford, of Highland, took a drink of his partially frozen water after finishing a game of tennis where temperatures hit 108 degrees by early afternoon.
In Bellflower, Mark Paderes smoothed out liquid asphalt on a residential street. He said the crew will easily go through three gallons of water a day in this heat.

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I was looking for an insualtion contractor and to clean and replace all the old insulation in my attic. The Attic Doctor was the one I chose and it was the best choice ever! They not only did an excellent attic work but also fixed my attic rodent smell with eco green sanitizer. Great customer service!

Jane D.

We just relocated to Orange County and our new house needed a lot work done. We needed an insulation contractor as well as a HVAC contractor to do the insulation work and change the A/C system. The Attic Doctors was the only company that could handle all the services we required. It was awesome that we didnt have to shop around for various home upgrade services. They are the best!

Bryant C.

The rats in our attic were nightmares and the attic doctors were our life savers! They cleaned up all the rodent droppings, sanitized our attic professionally and vacuummed out all the existing insulation. They installed new batt insulation and fixed the damaged ductworked chewed by the rats. Loved working with them. You get the best services at a very fair price!

Summer J.

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