The world we may live in may feel like we’re in outer space because of all the crazy things that fly by our window. It’s so hard to control everything. It seems we can never get enough of enough, if you know what I mean?

Conditioned space is a phrase that implies a room or rooms that are not affected by temperature fluctuations and maintain a constant. That means your house where you spend 50% of your time is a space that should be controlled. So no outside elements will interfere with a continual temperature mode.

Most of us don’t want to spend more than we should on utilities. For in a house for over 15 years times 12 months you can figure that is 180 payments designated to your utilities company. So in 15 years you could drop $20,000 in just utility bills, and that’s just a minor low end calculation.

So how does a house become a conditioned space? The attic is where most of your air-loss comes from. Yes we have the sidewalls and windows and doors and crawl space if applicable. But I first look at the attic as your most important long-lasting investment for the duration of your stay. There are some things that are extremely easy to deal with that are straightforward and don’t cost that much. I feel as a contractor the attic is the key to keeping your house cool and warm year-round. It’s the key to saving you big bucks. It’s the key also to keeping your mind in the game so to speak.

Allowing the attic doctors to develop a long-range game plan for you as the homeowner is the greatest investment he’ll make. Remember, it’s free and very informative.