Not everything we do in life runs the risk of peril and destruction of everything we own. Yes it’s imperative that we have homeowners insurance just in case there’s an act of God or a callous disregard for humanity.

I can’t say enough about how we just don’t deal with the obvious. We breathe air that we don’t see. We think out of sight out of mind might still be okay and ignorance is still bliss. When our world dictates alarming factors that we need to be aware of then I think as stellar humanoids we should at least recognize was on the table. And not everything is negotiable. And most things should never be just brushed off like a simple slide into second base. They should be addressed and dealt with like mature adults.

This asset we call a home is one of the most involved pieces of real estate will ever have to deal with. Oh yeah we might spend hours on the couch trying to resolve issues that have been front center for most of our lives. But it’s the reality check that a building can own you. It’s not that you are being pressured to realize the extenuating circumstances of being responsible to maintain your surroundings but it’s the fact not fiction that you need to take care of the pivotal issues that are very apparent.

I mentioned in an earlier blog what’s in your attic as to make us all think what’s above us that’s affecting our life. It’s a place we’ll probably never run and hide but it is to be space that’s usually untapped. Controlling our world it sounds a little bit like the biosphere. Where we each certain foods we breathe certain air we wear certain clothes and we hang around with certain types of people. It’s a regulated way of an existence. Not many in our democracy want to be told what to do how to do it and where to go and when to do it. We live in a free society that allows us to make decisions based on the freedom that perpetrates our headspace.

It’s hard for us to deal with the O zone, the polar axis, the lack of quality water, pestilence, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and the like. It’s even hard for us to just get out of bed!

Let’s not forget the attic doctors is all about giving you handles to facilitate and control what’s 12 feet above you. Don’t let your attic be your area 51.