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As homeowners, we are always trying to put in as much effort as possible to make it more beautiful, improve ventilation or curb appeal. The same goes for ductwork; homeowners spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out which would be the best ductwork choice for their homes. It is natural to overthink every detail, from the material used to the cons of the decision you’re about to make. But it must be said that every choice you make has its own pros and cons. Though the cons should be something, you can live with.

     Many people tend to overthink the HVAC system and the related ductwork. But then there are also those that overlook it altogether. Most people reading this don’t know much about design, materials or any other details of an HVAC system. But this knowledge is essential to install the right brand-new HVAC system. If you don’t have knowledge of the ductwork, then you should hire someone that does, and that’s where our team comes in.

    One of the first things we do is choose the right type of duct design. There are two broad choices, i.e., flexible ductwork and rigid duct insulation. Both types are very different, each with pros and cons.

    In this article, we’ll examine both types of ducts, along with the pros and cons associated with them. This will help you decide on the right kind of duct for your home.


What is Ductwork? 

If you already know what this is, you can skip this section. However, this is an important section to read for anyone who is about to invest in an HVAC system. Ducts, as the term suggests, are a conduit or perhaps a passage used by the HVAC system. The purpose of the duct is to remove air. The HVAC system utilizes a series of ducts to distribute air evenly throughout the home. This air can be hot air or cold air.

    When considering remodeling or building a home, the ducts are one of the most important things to consider. Many people make the mistake of thinking way too little about the installation of the ductwork but end up regretting it. Poorly designed ducts will only do more harm than good; in fact, ask any expert, and they will say the same thing.

    That’s why it is essential to call professionals like us who will determine the right way to install the ducts and help choose the proper ductwork for your home. But if this is a choice you want to understand, the following section compares rigid and flexible ductwork.


Rigid and Flexible Ducts – What’s The difference? 

Most people reading this are by this time aware of the importance of the right ductwork if they value the efficiency of their HVAC system. However, it is worth highlighting the two types of air ducts that you can, to some extent, choose from, depending on your requirements.

    The first one is referred to as stiff or rigid ductwork, and the other is flexible ductwork. Both types have their share of pros and cons. However, before we go any further and examine them in detail, it is worth mentioning that for most things, flexible ducts are our 1st choice as a HVAC pro for most homes in Orange County, CA.


Flexible HVAC Ductwork

It is hard to miss this type of tubular-shaped duct, mainly made from a wire coil covered with highly durable yet flexible plastic. The manufacturer will usually cover them with fibreglass insulation. The insulation prevents air from escaping through conduction.

    Flexible ducts are excellent for tricky or small spaces where a rigid duct can’t be installed. They are also ideally suited to install ducts that may have to be modified to a specific size or type of air outlet. These ducts are often cheaper in terms of overall costs and, thus, the one most people will automatically choose.

Pros of Flex Ductwork:

  • Easy to install because the turns, bends and other issues can be easily worked around without significantly affecting airflow from the HVAC system.
  • They are cheaper to install than their rigid counterparts.
  • It can easily be replaced if damaged.


  • Flexible ductwork must be installed correctly to reduce, if not eliminate, shaking and sagging. This will require having a plan in place and using high-quality supporting strategies.

Rigid Ductwork

As you can imagine, these are available in different sizes and shapes and can be made from various materials. The ductwork can either be cylindrical or rectangular, mainly consisting of materials that are wrapped into the insulation. These types of ducts are highly durable and thus reliable, lasting for decades sometimes. They are also a more aggressive option, but they don’t make much, if any, noise when there is air running through them.

A few common types of rigid ducts include:

Fiberboard ducts – These are similar to their flexible counterparts made from fiberglass, which are bonded together using resin.

Ducts lined with fiberglass – Usually made from sheet metal, these ducts have an external and internal lining made from fibreglass.

Sheet metal ducts – Usually, the metal is galvanized steel or aluminum, the latter of which is slightly cheaper. You often see people crawl through these types of ducts in movies.

 Pros of rigid ductwork:

  • They are less likely to become moldy.
  • Durable, which means they can last for years.


  • Perhaps the most significant con of rigid ductwork is that it can deteriorate over time, which causes the fiberglass to become loose, making these particles into the indoor air.
  • These ducts are harder to clean and very expensive to replace.
  • They can also become contaminated with bacteria and mildew.

Final Word

The best ductwork in terms of price to performance is flexible ductwork. It is one of the things we do for our clients, but we also offer all options. If you have a question, feel free to contact us during the weekday waking hours, and we’ll be happy to help.

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