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Only The BEST

When it comes to our service, as a professional, we only use the highest grade of materials possible, We ONLY use the BEST. No negotiation. I believe: “You get what you pay for.” So we try to cut down our overhead to bring you the most VALUE at a great price! I can’t guarantee the cheapest (cheap is not always good, even the word cheap has a negative tone). We can guarantee you absolutely will receive the most VALUE for your buck!


Friends Filter

Everything we sell, and I mean EVERYTHING! We use this “friends filter,” which means: If I won’t sell “it” to my friends&family, then I won’t sell “it” to you! You deserve 100% honesty! No matter if you hire us or not, I’ll always tell you the truth. Cause the truth matters!


Super Efficient

We pay premium price for our professionals in our industry. Many people can do the work, very few are truly good at it. I can tell from years of experince hunting for the real pros. We got them! We use specialists to do specific work. “Jack of all trade, master of none!” Insulation professionals will only hand your inso work, and HVAC pros will do HVAC work. That’s why we can perform a big project within 1 day while other companys have to finish them in 3 days or longer. Because we got the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time. Your time is more valuable than anything in the world, we don’t want to prolong the project and take more of your precious time. People always compliment us: “WOW, you guys are FAST!” Yep, super fast, most important thing is, the quality is superb as well. That’s the difference between pros and yoyos! To me Fast+Quality=Pros

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About The Attic Doctors


We’re Legit A+ Team

If you care about consistency, quality, experience, credibility and repuation. We are what you’re looking for!

Numbers Don’t Lie!

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What Our Customers Say:

A PERFECT company to handle multiple home improvment projects! Did an amazing attic cleanup and insualtion replacement job! Top quality!👍


CEO, Tustin, Orange County 92606

We needed to replace the old ductwork and vents, our friend referred The Attic Doctors. Mark came to our hosue for a free inspection. It turned out the rats had been eating our ducts. Horrible! No wonder our electricity bill was so HIGH and the A/C didn’t work so well like before. His estimate was reasonable and I trusted his expertise. His crew was unbelievalbe fast! Finished ductwork replacement, attic cleaning, rodent removal and the new insualtion installation within the same day! They sure worked super hard. Very happy with the end result. Fixed the issues that caused my uncomfortable home temperature. So glad to clean up the contaminated attic. 5 star attic service for sure!


Placentia Orange County

Should’ve done this a long time ago! Everything in my attic is cleaned up and no more worries about the rodents anymore!


Mission Viejo Orange County 92653

We’ve been using the exact same crew for years. They’re the ones who’ve made all the hundreds of HAPPY customers’ glad they chose us.

This is our SECRET to providing excellent service to homeowners EVERY TIME! We keep it small intentionally, so that you can benefit with the same 5 star work as you “read online.”

That’s the biggest challenge any “BIG” company has to face. Constantly recruiting, constantly retraining newbies while the customers suffer the randomness of unprofessional workers.

You’re 100% safe with us. No guesswork, no luck, it’s satisfaction GUARANTEED!

~Owner Mark 


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