We’ve all been held captive by conversations that are a tad moldy or crusty. But in real life, mold can be a killer. It’s easy to look away and say it doesn’t exist, or be aware that it could be living and breathing as we speak and attempt to deal with it to eradicate its ugly behavior. The attic doctors are trained at mold remediation. Were not only certified but we’re also good at what we do. Our main goal is always to eliminate any signs or possible hints of mold present. When there’s damp or there is water, they say, “there’s potential for mold to thrive.” It takes that humid, musty situation that plagues many environments, even here in the SoCal area, where temperatures in the attic area can reach as high as 150°. Oh, we might chill in that plush, efficient fine tuned air-conditioned machine that fills such cool temperatures inside while our attic is blazing. I have not only viewed and watched this in water damage cases of residential dwellings, it’s also very common even in our own bathroom. And when mold stays confined and not airborne then there’s less apt to have trouble. So let the fear be gone, because our antifungal, antibacterial spray we use as what the doctor ordered makes sure that the mold is gone, and stays gone. It’s nice to feel at peace and since security when you’re existing in your homestead over 50% of the time. May there always be a simple procedure to stave off the possibility of some disease spreading and methods to prevent some systematic immune from wavering out-of-bounds.

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