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STAR-METAL-DK-BLDrops your A/C use over 50%
STAR-METAL-DK-BLExpels germs, smoke & VOC gases
STAR-METAL-DK-BLPrevents mold & mildew
STAR-METAL-DK-BLDisplaces heat in your home & attic
STAR-METAL-DK-BLPurifies indoor air quality
STAR-METAL-DK-BLRemoves pet dander
STAR-METAL-DK-BLQuickly eliminates cooking odors
STAR-METAL-DK-BLReplaces air 15 times per hour


QuietCool is the revolutionary green energy product that is taking America by storm. Our whole house fans, attic fans and garage fans will help circulate the air throughout your entire home. Learn how having these types of ventilation fans can save you up to 90% off your A/C related electricity costs. An attic fan installation or installing a whole house fan needs a pro to install and setup. So start saving on your electric bill with QuietCool Fan Systems by giving us a call.

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