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Others VS The Attic Doctors

0/Single License
Most companies in the industry don't have an insulation license.

Multiple Licenses: HVAC+Insulation+General Contractor
Having multiple licenses gives us the edge to be able to perform all jobs related to home comfort. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to evaluate your home from a total different perspective, which will provide you the most effective, result-driven solutions to make your home more comfortable! Isn't that what you want for your family?

Go After Cutomers by Paying Ads everywhere
Nothing is wrong with paid ads. It is just not our choice. 

Word-of-Mouth Referalls from Previous Customers
We still rely on the old traditional way of getting leads. 
We built our reputation over the years and are proud to say that we attracted our customers from Word-of-Mouth.
Our previous customers love us and keep sending their friends and families to us. That's the best compliment we can get!

Most companies focus on MORE. Of course, the More Jobs, the More $!

Quality Over Quantity
Our owner has built multiple sucessful businesses in the past and currently focuses on providing quality services to a small amount of selective customers who care about quality products and excellent customer service.

Low Price(Maybe)
Let's face it: Home upgrade services are not cheap! If you want to hire a great company to take care of your home! 

Remember: you ALWAYS get what you pay for!

Best Value
We strive to use the BEST products & supply quality service that actually works with OUTSTANDING customer service to all of our customers. We guarantee to give you the highest VALUE

Take more of YOUR time to justify the price tag
Time is precious and you can't get it back! 

We have the most skilled and experienced crew in all of So Cal to perform their work at the highest level. That's why our customers always tell us:"WOW, You guys were good!" Yep! That's what happens when you have the best workers in the world! Productivity is the difference between the Pros and the Amateurs!

You won't see the owner, nope!
You will see the salesman, the crew, but you won't see the owner!

Owner supervises EVERY Project
Since our goal is to serve only a few selective customers in Orange County. Our owner's #1 Priority is Customer Satisfaction! He ALWAYS supervises EVERY Project! That's the secret of our success!

5 Star reviews+Negative Reviews from Unsatisfied Customers
A mix of happy and very unsatisfied customers.
No Negative Reviews from our Paid Customers.
We have 5 Star Reviews only from them. We DO NOT have 1 negative review from any of our PAID CUSTOMERS! Not saying we're perfect! We just strive to be better than everyone else. 

Low paid labor
Unsatisfied workers = Lousy Work 

Highest Paid&Benefits for our Pros
We pay our workers very well and they're happy and motivated when they work in your home. We believe happy workers+doing a great job=happy customers!