Would be surprised at the statistics in regards to help people who have been in a home for decades have never opened up the access panel to the attic area. It’s staggering to think that were not aware of our total surroundings. Oh it’s easy to play it off like it’s no big deal but it is.

No one can force someone to take a gander up 12 feet but I can try to tickle your fancy with the fact that there is a lot more potential in that attic that lays dormant. And potential is always found in how you can get blood out of that turnip.

I have an attic and I’m well aware of the cause-and-effect it plays with my daily routines. I’m renting a condominium that has a very poor insulated space with a very low roof pitch and the AC is beyond under rated. So I have to constantly deal with that factor because it’s not my place. The landlord is not interested in trying to upscale the Homestead at his expense. Oh yes he lives in a $2 million house that has all the very essence of Cush!

This is a wakeup call for some, to take advantage of something you may never have thought of before. And that’s the attic space that resides right above that big fat head of yours. Don’t take a personal and please don’t be upset that I would push a button here or pull a lever there. I’m all about making beauty the eye of the beholder.