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Like the rest of Cali, Orange County has the friendliest, cuddliest, and most housebroken rodents in the country. Not only do they enjoy feasting on anything you no longer think you need, but they will forget where the bathroom is located every now and then. Then if that’s not enough, they produce enough kids to keep your family occupied; after all, you can’t have enough kids, can you?

The problem with these friendly neighborhood rodents is that they can’t seem to tell when they are not wanted. They wander through your house, invite their friends, and those friends decide to invite their friends, and before you know it, there is a small community living in your attic. That’s when you realize there has to be a way to rodent-proof your attic, at the very least, to protect your privacy.

If you are still in denial about these cuddly creatures calling your home theirs, here are six signs of a rodent problem. Moreover, this is when you should call rodent removal professionals like us to solidify your attic’s defences against them.


#1 You Hear Strange Sounds From The Attic


Usually, it’s the friendly neighborhood ghost, but once you’ve ruled that out, the only explanation is that you’ve got rodents playing up there. Usually, hearing scurrying and movement in the attic is a sign that at least two dozen rodents live in the attic. However, they can just as easily make their way through the walls, and other spaces, if not handled immediately.

The sounds will become more audible at night because the house is quiet. However, if you hear movement in the attic space or walls, get the attic inspected by a pest control company. Then call us to fortify your attic once the pests have been humanely disposed of.


#2 You Smell Weird Odor


As rodents call your home theirs, you will begin to smell what they had for dinner or lunch. Rodents, unlike us humans, tend to urinate and leave feces where they sleep. It’s convenient, but it is also why they smell so bad. They don’t mind sleeping with their dead partners, either.

While you may not enjoy the smell of an infestation, it indicates a significant problem on your hands.


#3 Pets


Notice your dog going crazy or your cat chasing after something that zips past the living room? That is most probably the neighborhood rat being chased. Plus, our pets have a far superior sense of smell than ours so they can smell rodents in the wall or those living in the attic.

If you notice your pet going bonkers more frequently and chasing after something darting past, it’s time to call a professional.


#4 You See Droppings


While rats like to hide, they leave behind droppings, which is a sure sign you have an infestation. Not only are these a sign of an infestation, but these droppings can make you and others in your family sick. Always wear protective equipment when disposing of it. If anything, this shouldn’t be something you see every day and in multiple locations of the home.


#5 Damaged Insulation and Chewed Cardboard


If you are like most people, then your attic also serves as storage space. However, you may be surprised that the friendly neighborhood rodent chewed through all your cardboard boxes. But they also don’t mind shoes, t-shirts, and other stuff you might have up there.

Worst of all, they enjoy insulation. As they chew through the insulation in your attic, they are costing you money, not only in terms of the insulation you will have to replace but what you end up paying in energy bills. That’s why now would be a great time to rodent-proof your attic.


#6 You Notice Food Disappearing


When rodents have lived long enough in your attic, and there are enough of them, they feel it is your job to feed them. That means the insulation wasn’t enough, your clothes were something they got tired of eating, and now they want to eat bread, perhaps some pasta, or try getting into your refrigerator.

Usually, this means you’ll notice bread left outside that now appears chewed up, and vegetables and fruit seem to have been bitten into. None of these items is edible now that they have tasted it. This is a sure sign of rodents because no other animal apart from maybe your cat will do this.

Honestly, it should never get to this point, you should have gotten rid of the rodents a long time back, and your attic should have been rodent proofed.


Final Word


You will always want to be mindful of the key signs of a rodent infestation. While the above are the most common ones, there are others. You might just as well see them scurrying around your home. Sometimes they can even sneak into your toddler’s bedroom; that’s where they can be immensely dangerous.

Having rodents around the home can also be extremely expensive. Not only will they eat through your food and personal belongings, but also your insulation. Insulation isn’t cheap; honestly, you shouldn’t have to spend a few thousand dollars getting it fixed every few months. So, the best course of action is to get rid of the rodents and rodents-proof your home, starting with the attic. The sooner you do this, the better you will sleep at night.

The best news for you as homeowners in Orange County and LA County is that we offer complete free attic rodent removal and proofing service with full attic upgrade services. Don’t delay solving your rat’s issues in your living space; contact us now; it will save you thousands of dollars in repairs and frustration.

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