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We believe in doing good and giving back to the community. Every job we do, we donate 300 meals to families in need.

Complete Radical Rodent Cure


The Attic Doc won’t stop until the rats are GONE forever! (for FREE)

Step 1: Attic Insulation Removal

Remove and Clean up all the old, crappy, dirty and contaminated insulation from your house

rodent removal from attic

Step 2: Rodent Sealing

Stop ALL the points of entry for GOOD! (No more chance for ruining your nights)

rodent proofing attic

Step 3: Rodent Trapping

Capture the attic pest in ACTION

Step 4: Rodent Trapping

Capture the attic pest in ACTION 

attic cleaning rodent proofing

Step 4: Rodent Cleaning

Remove all dead bodies, debris & dust from the crime scene 

rodent attic cleaning

Step 5: Rodent Disinfecting

Sanitize the contaminated area and make sure your house is germ free

how to remove rodents from attic

Step 5: New Batt Insulation Replacement

Install brand new Pink R-38 Batt Insulation (Voila! Rat problems cured)

Licensed Attic Rodent Removal Contractors in the O.C. will Get Your

Clean Living Space Back!

Once the Doc is in Your Attic, All House Symptoms are Cured


Rodent Droppings~Gone

Annoying Noise~Gone

Weird Odor~Gone


Contaminated Insulation~Gone

Before - attic cleanup and rodent proofing
After - attic cleanup and rodent proofing

Happy Customers In Orange County

Our Rodent Doctors Have Helped More than 2000 Homeowners in O.C Eliminate Attic Rodents Successfully!

Fix Your Rat headache Today!

I had this rat in the attic above my bedroom and could hear it constantly moving about in the night. With small kids and a wife to protect, I called Mark at the Attic Doctors and he offered Radical Rodent Cure, and the solved our pain for good! They caught the 3 rats immediately after the inspection and they did a very through free rats proofing, then the crew vaccumed all the contaminated blown-in insualiton, sanitized the entire attic, and installed new R-38 batt insulation in my 1900 sqft attic. 5 Star rodent removal and insualtion Service!

Luke C

Homeowner in Lake Forest Orange County

My name is Lisa and I’m a stay at home mother of three in a small, two bedroom house in Orange, CA. There were animal droppings in my kitchen and I could hear something in my attic from time to time. My neighbor had used The Attic Doctors one time and was very happy with their efforts. So I hired Mark’s team to take care of my rodent problems. I don’t want any of the dirty, mouse dropping contaminated insulation in my house. So the removed all of the old insulation from my house and installed new batt insulation. They also fixed my damaged cutwork that was chewed by the rats.  No more pet noise or remains. Thank you!

Lisa O.

Homeowners in Orange, CA Orange County

I own a house in Placentia, and had this on and off sound, like little feet above my bed that kept annoying the heck out of me. I’m a senior, but I can still hear the mouse traipsing in my attic. I found the Attic Doctors on HomeAdvisor and called them to come and inspect my place. They got rid of all the 4 rats (alive&dead) and cleaned out all the decayed, old insulation with rats urine, then they installed R-38 pink batt inso. My house is so much more comfortable and I don’t have to worry about anything about rats anymore!

Barbara L.

Homeowners in Placentia, CA Orange County

remove rodents from attic

Our “Rodent Cure” is RIGHT for YOU if you…


Want to get rid of the rats AND all the contaminated insulation

Desire to fix the rodent issues for good

Know that you want a long-term solution for your rat problem

Are ready to enjoy the peace of mind at home without worrying: "ARE THEY BACK?"

Believe this investment for your home is vital for your family's health&safety

Our “Rodent Cure” is NOT RIGHT for YOU if you…


ONLY want to remove the rats from your home

Seeking a temporary band-aid fix

Don't want to invest $ in replacing the contaminated attic insulation

Believe it's ok to leave the potential health hazard, dirty inso above your head

You're not wasting $ for rat removal, You're INVESTING $ in your family's health and safety!

How much is your health worth?

Smart & Experienced Homeowners NO.1 Choice!


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