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HomeAdvisor Top Rated Insulation HVAC Contractor
HomeAdvisor Top Rated Insulation HVAC Contractor
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Step 1: Rodent Sealing

Stop ALL the points of entry

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Step 2: Rodent Trapping

Capture the attic pest in ACTION

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Step 3: Rodent Cleaning

Remove all dead bodies, debris & dust from the crime scene 

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Step 4: Rodent Disinfecting

Sanitize the contaminated attic area and make sure your house is germ free

Sanitizing the contaminated attic area

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I had this rat in the attic above my bedroom and could hear it constantly moving about. With small kids and a wife to protect, I called Mark at the Attic Doctors and he gave me so great options and so I asked him to come and remove this rat for good. I was so impressed with Marks professionalism. Kudos.

Luke Chapman

My name is Lisa and I’m a stay at home mother of three in a small, two bedroom house in Carson CA. There were animal droppings in my kitchen and I could hear something in my attic from time to time. My neighbor had used The Attic Doctors one time and was very happy with their efforts so I emailed them and they called me right back within the hour. Then I had them come and do their magic. No more pet noise or remains. Thank you!

Lisa Li

I own a condo in Placentia, and had this on and off sound, like little feet above my bed that kept annoying the heck out of me. I’m a senior, but I can still hear the mouse traipsing in my attic. I found the Attic Doctors on Angie’s List and called them to come and inspect my place. They helped me get rid of this uninvited guest, “the rat.” They also cleaned and disinfected the mess they left behind.

Barbara Lewis

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