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I am a big believer in supporting local business and spreading good words for a company like the Attic Doctors. Our house is ancient and we didn’t have much insulation in the attic. So I decided to insulate to help keep my house temperature constant from room to room. I called 2 companies for a quote and we chose to work with the attic doctors because of these reasons.

First, Mark had much more experience and knowledge compared to the other estimator, and I appreciated his honesty. We planned on doing blown-in insulation, but he advised us to do batt insulation instead, due to the consistency of the R value batt insulation can guarantee.

Secondly, his price was lower and I didn’t to add all the necessary parts that we didn’t need, so it was very straightforward.

Thirdly, he was very responsive and seem to care more about what I wanted to achieve.

The job went very well from beginning to end. The crew were very prompt and hardworking. They did a super clean job on the old inso removal and replaced it with new within several hours. They also fixed my damaged ductwork for a great price. I’m glad to work with people who are professional and have integrity in the performance.

Michell D.

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Have been thinking about getting some insulation in our attic to stop the heat in the house. Saw Mark’s photo on the front page of the O.C Register. He is the owner of The Attic Doctors in Orage County. Then I found the contact number and talked to him on the phone. To be honest, I was not really ready to hire anymore when I called him at first., just wanting to get some free info from a professional insualtion contractor. He didn’t mind spending time with me and told me what was right thing to do for my situation. He was genuinely trying to help me no matter if I use him or not. I think he knows his trade and thats probably why he was featured on the front page in the white coverall coat! We finally decided to hire them to install the new inulation in our attic and also install the quiet cool fan, which were lower cost solution to cool down the house without paying so much for a new A/C system. The crew of 4 did an amazing job. Everything looked clean and the insulation was top quality. The price was a good deal, not the cheapest but I beleive you get what you pay for! Overall it was a pleasure to work with them. Will hire them for our A/C system installation for my parents house in future!

5 Star Attic Insulation Company


We needed to replace the old ductwork and vents, our friend referred The Attic Doctors. Mark came to our house for a free inspection. It turned out the rats had been eating our ducts. Horrible! No wonder our electricity bill was so HIGH and the A/C didn’t work so well like before. His estimate was reasonable and I trusted his expertise. His crew was unbelievable fast! Finished ductwork replacement, attic cleaning, rodent removal and the new insulation installation within the same day! They sure worked super hard. Very happy with the end result. Fixed the issues that caused my uncomfortable home temperature. So glad to clean up the contaminated attic. 5 star attic service for sure!

James Lee

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Professional Insulation Contractor In Orange County

5 star attic inclining and attic insulation removal service orange county-review yelp by samWe were looking for an attic insulation company for our attic insulation project. Our house is old and we know the attic insulation has to be done soon, especially with this super HOT summer in southern California. We don’t have A/C and there was not much insulation int he attic area either. So you can imagine the house was baking…

We found the Attic Doctors on Yelp, called and schedule a free inspection immediately. Met the owners Mark, who was so experienced, nice and funny. We talked about our needs and concerns, he answered all of our questions professionally. We decided to work with them.

The appointment for the work was 7 am. in the morning, their crew all arrived earlier to make sure everything was ready to go. We were both at work and by the time we came back home, we saw bags of old insulation outside, Pablo also told us they caught rats! OMG! Who knows how long they have been there! We went up and checked the final new batt insulation installation, everything looked great. They also cleaned up thoroughly after finishing. Professional team. Overall very good experience. It was a good investment for our home.

Recently retired and got extra $ to upgrade our house. Looking for an experienced insulation contractor to do blow in insulation. We found The Attic Doc on Google, they have great reviews on Google listing, so we scheduled an appointment. Mark gave us a free attic inspection and sent back the estimate. He advised us not to do blow in and we took his professional advice. Blow in insulation will be such a mess in my attic and I would never be able to have easy access to my attic anymore! I really appreciate his honesty and professionalism, no upsell, everything is straight up. The crew of 3 did a very thorough cleanup and installed the new R-38 batt insulation. Everything went smooth, great service at a very reasonable price!

Jenny S.

Amazing attic cleanup and insulation replacement Job! Great Insulation Contractor!


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My neighbor recently did their attic cleaning and insulation removal & replacement. I got the Attic Doctors business card from them. I also need to redo my A/C system, and fortunately, Mark provided a reasonable estimate for HVAC work. They completed everything within three days. It was hard work, and I appreciate how they took care of us. We are very happy with the outcome.Absolutely 5 star attic insulation company in O.C.!

Riham R.

Just purchase a new home, and the Attic Doctors installed a new A/C system. It was not an easy job, and they offered a reasonable price. They also told me that the insulation was way too old to serve the purpose. So I replaced the insulation as well. Money well spent. It was not a small bill, but you get what you pay for!

Lynda S.

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