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Providing Home Comfort Solutions Since 1993


We serve each customer with 120% care&attention. You’ll talk and work with the owner directly!


We ONLY use PREMIUM products & offer PREMIUM services! Your family deserves the BEST!


We are a family-owned,   small company and truly proud of keeping it this way. Small=Better Control=Best Quality Service for U


We believe in doing good and giving back to the community. Every job we do, we donate 300 meals to families in need.

1 Crew+3 Licenses=100% Satisfaction

"1 Crew is the KEY to Consistency"

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We Fix Your Unsafe and Uncomfortable Home for Less $

The Attic Doctors is a professional team of specialists, dedicated to providing a safer, comfortable, and more energy-efficient home environment to homeowners in Orange County and LA County. No matter you just purchased a brand new home, or you are at the stage when you’re going to retire and enjoy your golden years. We’re here to make sure your house is as comfy and clean as possible!

Years Home Depot Pro

Years Home Improvement Experience

Homeowners Served

Licensed Insulation + HVAC Contractor


Certified Energy Saving Specialists

5 Star Home Comfort Service

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1 Stop Shop for ALL Your Home Comfort Needs

We offer a full range of attic services: Attic Cleaning, Attic Insulation Removal, Rodent Removal, Sealing & Disinfecting and many other energy-efficient home solutions such as: Radiant Barrier, Ductwork Removel&Replacement, Quiet Cool House and Exhaust Fans, as well as a plethora of HVAC Services(10 years Home Depot Pros).

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Legit+Experienced+A+ Team for U!

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our quality service and years of experience in the industry make us stand out. We’re not just your average attic guys, so to speak, and we are not only C-2 insulation contractors, but also licensed C-20 HVAC and B1 General contractors, which give us the knowledge, the skills, and the experience to see homes from a different perspective.The Attic Doctors is a top-rated, 5-star energy-efficient service provider in Orange County  and Los Angeles County California. 

Attic Insulation Cleaning and Replacement Service Pros

Get Comfy in Less than One Day! 714.269.6544
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If you have been living under the dirty attic all these years, it's time to clean up the "DUMP" above your head. Breathe the clean air today!

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New Homeowner's Fav Choice! Get Attic Insulation+HVAC Work ALL Done at Once for Less!

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We're all about Keeping Your House Comfy without Breaking the Bank! 714.269.6544

Save up to 30% on your Electric Bill!
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Most businesses have some happy customers. Very few companies have ZERO unhappy customers!

No Worries! You're 100% SAFE with the DOC!

Recent Attic Cleanup and Insulation Installation Projects

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Welcome to Headache-Free & Hassel-Free

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What is your house issue? The Doc has the Cure!

My House is too HOT or too Cold

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Having Rodents Nightmare

Poor Indoor Air Quality

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