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🍃Prevent Airborne Contaminants: A Breath of Fresh Air

Old, damaged ductwork is like a clogged artery in your home’s ventilation system. Dust, mold, and other contaminants can accumulate, circulating unhealthy air throughout your living space. Replacing your ductwork is the ultimate detox, ensuring you and your family breathe fresh, clean air every day.



💸Boost Energy Efficiency: An Energy Shot for Your Home

Leaky, worn-out ducts can cause significant energy loss, making your HVAC system work overtime. It’s like your home running a marathon with a sprained ankle. New ductwork ensures efficient airflow, reducing energy waste and giving your utility bills a much-needed rest. Say goodbye to energy drains and hello to savings!


😤Eliminate Unpleasant Odors: Freshen Up Your Home

Old ductwork can harbor unpleasant odors from mold, mildew, and accumulated debris. These odors can spread throughout your home, creating an uncomfortable living environment. New ductwork is like a breath mint for your home, eliminating those musty smells and ensuring a fresher, more pleasant atmosphere.


Prevent Costly Repairs: A Proactive Health Plan

Ignoring damaged ductwork can lead to more severe issues down the road, including costly repairs to your HVAC system. Replacing old ducts now is like taking preventive medicine—it saves you from future headaches and expenses, ensuring your home remains in peak condition.


🏡Improve Overall Comfort: Your Home’s Wellness Plan

New ductwork enhances your home’s overall comfort by ensuring consistent temperatures and efficient airflow. It’s like giving your home a wellness plan tailored to its specific needs. No more hot spots, cold spots, or uneven heating and cooling—just a perfectly balanced living environment.

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Satisfied Customers In Orange County

Helped More than 5000 Homeowners fix Air Duct Successfully!

Our A/C was not working properly for a while and we called The Attic Doctors to find out the issue. There were rodents in our attic, which caused all the damage to our ductwork. We were horrified! They did a great job on the ductwork replacement, as well as the rodent removal in the attic space. Very professional and nice people to work with. 5 star service!

Nate J.

Found a rat🐀by surprise! No wonder my house was not cool, but the A/C bill was high! Should have replaced the old, damaged air ducts a long time ago! Broken ductwork was only there to suck my $$$ for NOTHING! The Attic Doc’s team did an amazing job!

We recently purchased a luxury home in Newport Beach and the A/C was a total mess. The Attic Doctors took a very difficult job at a competitive price. The technicians, Nate and Ronald were the best in town! Mark was beyond experienced and friendly to us. They designed a brand new A/C system, installed the A/C condenser, furnace and the ductwork. Everything works perfectly. Highly recommend them to any new homeowners in O.C.!

Jason M.

New Home Owner

Great one shop for ALL my home improvment services! A Perfect choice for a new homeowner. Saved me a lot of time and $ hunting for different contractors !

Our A/C unit is very old and hasn’t been taken care of for years. I called the Attic Doctors for an inspection. Mark was very thorough and gave us a very reasonable price for the ductwork changeout and furnace replacement. He was very honest and didn’t oversell us at all. Their team was very prompt and worked really hard! Wonderful service, good quality at a reasonable price!

Alicia W.

From beginning to finish, no issues whatsoever! So glad I hired them for my ductwork & furnace replacement! Great VALUE for top notch HVAC service!

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