The Attic Doc’s Home Comfort Formula:

Cool + Clean = Comfort

NO.1 Cool Cure

A/C Condenser/Coil York

A/C Condenser/Coil

Picking the right condenser and coil for the right application takes a pro! If you spend a tad more, you’ll usually be glad you did, if you’re working with a trusted and extremely knowledgeable A/C salesperson. Trane, YorkAmerican Standard are a few of the brands we recommend.

R-38 Batt insulation installation service Anaheim hills Orange County

R-38 Batt Attic Insulation

Insulation plays such a vital role in curbing not only the heat load factor in your attic region but also the sound travel from room to room. Using the proper type of insulation and R rated material for the appropriate need is what makes The Attic Doctors stand out. Title 24 wants either R30 or R38 up in the attic area depending on what suits the need and whether it’s cellulose or batted fiberglass will also be the consideration. A quality installation is imperative for insulation to do its job.

Attic Radiant Barrier Installation Lake Forest CA

Attic Radiant Barrier

Our roofs can reach temperatures ranging from 140 to 170 degrees during peek hot summer times and that can cause havoc with our attic space. Installing a thermal barrier to deflect the heat load from the suns rays to avoid the overload is how to hold in check the temperature in the attic. When we help stop the excessive radiant heat from traveling to the attic floor, we can almost guarantee a much cooler space.

Smart Quiet Cool Attic Fan

The small but mighty secret weapon to keep you feel so cool without running A/C 24/7, and you save a ton of $! It’s that SMART!

NO.2 Clean Cure

Attic Insulation Cleaning&Removal

Clean the “DUMP” above your head!

remove old attic insulation from your attic space

Ductwork Removal and Replacement Service

Ductwork is the “Lung” of your house. If the “Lung” is not clean and healthy, then you know the air you’re breathing is not serving your family’s best interest. 

ductwork removal and replacement

Whole House Air Purifier

The most important things are invisible such as AIR! We may invest thousands of dollars in the nice furniture or the pieace of art on the wall, howerver, we forgot what matters wthe most to our heath——the AIR you and your loved ones breathe 24/7. The whole house air purifier is such a small investment that benefits ALL of your family, every inch corner of your living space, ALL the time! Get it installed now!


 Get Cool, Get Clean, Get Comfy!

Customized "Prescription" for your home

One time investment, lifelong benefits

Breathe Cool&Clean Air 24/7

No more potential health hazards

No more "Rodents Nightmare"

Proven Solutions Work EVERYTIME

Comfortable&Healthy home FOREVER

10 Years HomeDepot Pro trusted by 6000+ homeowners

👇Get Comfy for LIFE👇

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