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Attic Doc’s Comfy Combo

Feel Comfy All Year Long without Paying High Electricity Bill

The Complete Attic Upgrade that Gets You the Ultimate Home Comfort for LESS 


NO.1 Attic Insulation Upgrade

The Dream Comfortor Every House Needs

Step #1 Attic Cleaning

We’ll clear out, vacuum, and remove all your excess debris, dirt, and old insulation. The cleaning is the first step before sanitizing your attic space.

Step #2 Attic Insulation Replacement:

After the existing insulation removal, disinfect, repair and sealing, rodent proofing, it’s time to install either brand new blow in insulation, which is cellulose insulation or install brand new Pink Owens Corning R38 fiberglass insulation (highly recommended by the Doc)


The key to perfect airflow that makes you GLOW

Your air system should be clean, insulated, and balanced. Installing new silver jacket flexible ductwork throughout your entire air system will get you there. And you’ll not only feel the difference, but you’ll also experience the difference, in seconds!

Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter, Comfy FOREVER

Heat travels from a warm area to a cool area by a combination of conduction, convection, and radiation. Heat flows by conductionfrom a hotter location within a material or assembly to a colder location, like the way a spoon placed in a hot cup of coffee conducts heat through its handle to your hand. Heat transfer by convection occurs when a liquid or gas — air, for example — is heated, becomes less dense, and rises. As liquid or gas cools it becomes denser and falls. Radiant heat travels in a straight line away from any surface and heats anything solid that absorbs its energy.


NO.4 Attic FAN Install

The Most Effective Quiet Cool Smart Fan for FREE

We install a Quiet Cool Smart Exhaust Gable Vent Fan at no charge as part of your “Comfy Combo”. This will remove the ridge heat load from your attic and you can manage it with your cell phone or leave it on auto drive. This is a huge plus for cooling down your attic, which in turn will cool your living space.

Smart Homeowners’ Fav Choice :

The Attic Doc’s Comfy Combo

Licensed C-2 Insulation Contractors Anaheim Orange County

Save up to 30% on Energy Bills

Better Indoor Air Quality

Eliminate Potential Health Hazards

One Time Investment Lifetime Benefits

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Why Batt Insulation is better than Blown-in Insulation for attic space?

Click here to know more why R-38 Batt insulation is your best option!

How Long will it take to get the complete project done?

Our crew is highly trained and experienced in attic upgrade work. We can finish the complete “Comfy Cure” within 1 day in most cases.

We only have 1 crew to guarantee the consitency and quality of our work! The Attic Dos is in HIGH demand! Schedule your work as soon as you get your estimate!

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