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When was the last time you went up into the attic? Was it when Bush Senior was in office? Well, if you can’t remember the last time, you were up there, then chances are that your attic is already home to more health-endangering elements than your local landfill, which is no exaggeration.

    Most people use the attic to store old albums, photo frames, clothes and other stuff they can’t get around to tossing out. Some of us even use the attic to store old machines and wires. That’s why for as long as you may remember, you’ve not gone up there, but an unclean attic is a health hazard. It is also the reason why you will want to get thorough attic cleaning.


Good question! Our attic cleaning service is mainly a collection of services meant to refresh your attic. Here is a brief rundown of what we can do for your attic:

  • Identify and remove rodents.
  • Remove debris, junk, and other items that shouldn’t have been up there for so long.
  • Check the health of your insulation and, if needed, recommend that it be removed.
  • Replace damaged insulation.
  • Identify if your attic has any leaks or if mould growth needs to be tackled.
  • Remove dirt, dust and other odors from the attic.

However, you may not have realized this but cleaning your attic isn’t a DIY, not only because it could endanger your health but also because you wouldn’t be able to do as good of a job.


Many people have asked why pay us when they can run up there with a broom and mop to clean things up. However, there is more to attic cleaning than that. Using our service makes your life easy and safe plus:

  • We have the latest equipment
  • Have all the safety gear needed
  • Our team is experienced, which guarantees an excellent job

    If you attempt to do professional attic cleaning on your own like a few of our clients, you will soon realize it can take weeks. As pros, we invest in the latest equipment and have the experience needed to ensure that the cleaning moves along at a hastened pace without leaving parts of your attic untouched.

    Our team works through an extensive checklist of steps; each is meant to ensure that your attic receives the attention needed to transform it into the safe space it should be. This also allows us to identify potential issues with your attic, which can then be addressed to make the space safer for everyone.


Why Does Your Home Needs Professional Attic Cleaning?

As a homeowner or a tenant, you may not fully understand the importance of having a clean attic. However, it is vital in ensuring a healthy environment for you and the family. Think of it this way, would your home be a healthy place to live if there were rodents in the attic taking a dump and multiplying by the dozens each day? How long before those rodents start entering your living space?

Rodent infestations can trigger severe health issues that, if not dealt with, can lead to numerous problems later. Not to mention there may also be a thick layer of dust in your attic, accumulated over the years. That’s why it is so crucial that you clean the attic sooner rather than later.

Then there are practical reasons for getting your attic professionally cleaned. For starters, it helps us identify potential insulation and space issues. We can spot early sights of roof damage, which, when identified in time, addressing these issues can save you a bundle of cash.

California is well known for its rodents. If there is one thing, we all need to deal with is rodent infestations; having rodents living happily in your attic is a different level of danger. The problem is that most of our clients are unable to tell if their attics have become Disneyland for the local rodent population, but they start worrying after noticing droppings across their living room. That’s why we advocate taking a proactive approach to getting rid of them. We offer complete FREE attic rodent removal and proofing with attic insulation upgrade service. Click here to know more about our free complimentry service!

    Rodents love attics for different reasons compared to us humans. The attic is dry, warm, and it’s hard for natural predators like hawks to feast on them. Plus, they have a few generations’ supply of food in the form of insulation and stuff you may have stored up there. Plus, since you never go up there, they live undisturbed.

Here is a short list of health issues associated with having rats in your attic:

  • Plague
  • Lassa fever
  • South African Arenavirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Bite Fever from rats

Layers of Dust

Dust is a common sight in Cali, so common that it never occurs to us that it may be a common cause of various health issues. It can trigger everything from asthma to allergies. Click here to know more about our bestselling air purfier system! Effective and affordable!

    A 2005 Australian Study found that dust in the attic contained various contaminants, including heavy metals, which posed a severe health risk. While we may not think dust is very dangerous, when you have enough of it, it can make it hard to breathe amongst, causing other issues. Again, that’s why you must invest in professional attic cleaning at least once a year.


Final Word

Sure, you may, like many other homeowners, not spend a lot of time in the attic, most probably never even going up there. But it is a part of your home that can have the most impact on everyone’s health. 

Cleaning up attics is no easy job; we often need to be dressed appropriately with the right equipment to protect ourselves from the health dangers it poses. That said, we do this so that. You don’t have to and quite honestly shouldn’t because it is dangerous.

If you have an attic that hasn’t been cleaned for as long as you can remember, then it’s time to give us a call.

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