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Attic insulation Removal and Replacement in Tustin, CA

Attic insulation can be an effective way to reduce your home’s overall heat loss. If you have an old or outdated attic insulation system, it may be time to replace it with new, high-quality material.

We will assess your insulation needs and offer free estimates for attic insulation replacement in Tustin, Ca.

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What Do You Get From Our Attic Insulation Installation Services?

Attic insulation offers an impressive range of benefits. However, it can cause some problems if not appropriately maintained. We can remove existing attic insulation and install new, higher-quality material when this happens.

This will provide

  • A stable and even temperature in your home
  • Reduction in your energy bills
  • Increased HVAC efficiency
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Controlled moisture level to prevent mold and mildew.

Attic Insulation Installers you can trust in Tustin, CA!

The attic is often forgotten as part of the house when it comes to insulation because it’s not visible. However, if your attic isn’t adequately insulated, it will allow warm air inside to escape, which will cause your HVAC system to work harder and use more electricity. When this happens, it makes sense that you would want to upgrade and install insulation in your attic to help you reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 30%.

The Attic Doctor specializes in removing old or damaged attic insulation and replacing it with new, high-quality insulation materials that will last for years. Our attic insulation experts are trained to handle all types of attic insulation removal and replacement jobs. From small projects to large ones, we do it all!.

Improve Your Home Comfort With Our Insulation Replacement Services

Our mission at The Attic Doctor is to provide the highest quality insulation removal and replacement service possible to homeowners in Tustin, CA. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience.
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Full Attic Services for Your Cleaner+Safer+More Comfy Home



Vacuum and clean up rodent droppings & all the dirty, contaminated blowin/batt insulation in the attic


100% Clean&Safe full attic sanitiation keeps all the germs away.



Reduce air leakage and keep your home energy efficient.


Eliminate all the annoying intruders in your attic and finally have peace of mind. No more noise. No more rats.

Insulation Reinstallation

Quality new R rated insulation keeps your home warm, clean, safe & sound proofed.

Ductwork Removal & Replacement

Get your perfect air flow going by repairing/replacing your ductwork.

Licensed C-2 Insulation Contractors Anaheim Orange County
Licensed C-2 Insulation Contractors Anaheim Orange County
Licensed C-2 Insulation Contractors Anaheim Orange County

Why The Attic Doctors?

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We’re a small local family owned company and we have smaller overhead, which enabled us provide the premium service and material at the most competitive pricing! You get more VALUE with the Doc, Guaranteed!

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The Attic Doctors has been providing home comfort solutions for homeowners in Orange County since 1993 and we’re proud of our expertise and experience that gained us the awesome reputation!

How Much Does Attic Insulation Cost in Tustin, CA?

Attic Insulation cost in Tustin depends on certain factors such as the size of the attic space and the type of insulation used. Learn how much it costs to insulate your attic in Tustin by calling us today!
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Why You Should Replace Your Attic Insulation Today

Rodent Infestation

Rodent infestations are common and can be very destructive. If left untreated, they may cause structural damage, rot wood framing, and mold growth.

If you notice odd smells coming from your attic space, scurrying sounds in your ceiling, rodent droppings, and damaged insulation. You should consider having an attic inspection to determine if any other problems could be causing the problem or if the problem is just due to poor attic insulation. The best way to prevent rodents from entering your attic is to seal all cracks around windows and doors.

Increasing Energy Bills

Poorly installed attic insulation can allow cold air to enter your attic space and warm air to escape. This causes your heating system to work harder than necessary, which increases your energy bill. It also explains why you might see some areas of your attic space being warmer than others.

When noticing increasing energy bills, you should first check for leaks around your attic space. If you have a leak, you should contact an attic insulation contractor in Tustin for a replacement.

Your Home is Old

As your home ages, it becomes more susceptible to moisture build-up. Moisture can easily penetrate through poorly sealed walls and ceilings. When this happens, your attic insulation becomes wet and ineffective at keeping your home warm.

This means that you’re losing money on your home’s heat and your electric bill. A good rule of thumb is to replace your attic insulation every 15 years. However, if you live in a humid climate, you may want to consider replacing your attic insulation sooner.

Unstable Indoor Temperatures

Although a faulty HVAC system or air leaks may cause many temperature fluctuations in your home, old insulation may be the source of those random cool breezes you feel in some parts of your home. You may also notice that certain attic areas tend to be hotter than others.

Rearranging the insulation may offer a temporary solution. However, fixing this issue isn’t as simple as that. So instead, your old insulation should be removed entirely and replaced with new and better-quality insulation.

Discover how The Attic Doctor insulation upgrades can save you money and reduce your energy bills by 30% in Tustin, CA, all year long!

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Our attic insulation was replaced by The Attic Doctor and we could not be happier. They are a great company, very responsive, and easy to deal with. Highly recommended.

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I had my old attic insulation removed and replaced by these guys. They did a fantastic job. It’s nice to know that there are still good guys out there who take pride in what they do. Thanks!

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