Leading Attic Radiant Barrier Insulation Service Orange County

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Leading Attic Radiant Barrier Insulation Service Orange County

Orange County, California, is known for getting extremely hot, but having a professionally installed radiant barrier insulation in the attic space can help you immensely. Not only will it help you save on energy bills, but it is good for the environment by essentially cutting your cooling costs significantly.

A radiant barrier installation service is the most effective, efficient, and cost-saving foil insulation solution out there. That is why it is the insulation of choice for many residential and commercial clients in Orange County, CA. 

·      Do away with heat in your home with a radiant barrier installation. 

·   It makes living in your home more comfortable without spending money on running the air conditioning most of the time.

·      Enjoy a cool attic.

·      A one-time investment that saves you thousands of dollars.

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Why Is Attic Insulation Important?

Attic insulation is essential for a myriad of reasons. Insulation, like Radiant barriers, reduces the amount of heat that passes through your roof and into your attic. This heat means that your home’s cooling system needs to work harder and consumes more energy. That’s why you are paying more for your utilities in Orange County during the summer than in winter.

Fortunately, radiant barriers are a cost-effective solution and the Attic Doctors make sure it is installed correctly blocking radiant heat transfer. It is worth noting that incorrect installation of the radiant barrier foil insulation will not block heat flow completely. 

Compared to traditional insulation, radiant barrier insulation can save homeowners hundreds of dollars in the way of their energy bills. Using reflective foil-like materials, radiant barriers reflect 97% of heat, which means it (the heat) does not make it to your home.

A high-quality radiant barrier system can even double as a house wrap, meaning that it can reduce the amount of heat a home loses through the roof. The best radiant barrier system will also help keep the attic cooler during the warmer months, as it acts as a heat barrier between the home and the exterior cold air. 

Our R-38 radiant barrier installation services offer the ultimate home comfort both during the summer and winter months. In addition, it helps homeowners ensure that their homes adhere to the latest 2k22 standard.

Improving the Efficiency of Your HVAC System By Blocking Radiant Heat 

When correctly installed by our professionals, radiant barriers will save homeowners money in the long run. The barrier works by preventing unwanted radiant heat gain during the summer and retaining heat inside the house during the winter. As a result, they make HVAC systems more efficient.

Since HVAC systems don’t need to work as hard, this extends the system’s life. Installing radiant barriers will improve its overall performance.

With proper installation, attic radiant barrier insulation can help you save money, which means a reduced monthly energy bill and the fact that these can last a lifetime.

When paired with solar cells on the roof, they can significantly reduce your reliance on the grid for cooling and heating. This immense savings means that the insulation pays for itself many times over within the first five years. What’s more, the barrier or thermal insulation isn’t easily damaged by regular attic cleaning.


The effectiveness of a radiant barrier depends on how it is installed. That’s why it is best to hire a certified installer for the job. While you can choose to undertake the installation yourself, it is essential to carefully study and follow the manufacturer’s directions while taking the required safety precautions. You must also check local building fire and building codes before the installation.

At Attic Doctors, we’ve been installing radiant barriers for years and can tell you from experience that there is more to it than simply cutting and sticking it to parts of the attic. While understandably, it is easier to incorporate radiant barriers in a new home, they can also be installed in an older home, especially one that has an open attic.

In a new home, our team will usually drape a rolled foil of radiant barrier face down across the roof rafters, which will minimize the dust accumulation on the reflective side. This is done before installing the roof sheathing but can also be done later on from within the attic by mainly stapling the material to the lower end of the rafters.

When installing a barrier, we allow the material to droop slightly between the attachment points by around 2.5 cm. This gives it some air space that may work as a vapor barrier. 

When installing a radiant barrier on your own, it is worth being aware that the reflective foil can and often will conduct electricity. That is why precautions need to be taken to avoid making contact with open electrical wiring. Ensure that you check the wiring before you install radiant barrier material. 

If you are installing it on top of the attic floor, the foil will be susceptible to dust, which will trap moisture within the fiber. We advise against installing radiant barriers or insulation on the attic floor.

Give Your Home The Radiant Barrier Insulation Advantage

Our professional installation can help you save time and money in the long term by preventing the buildup of radiant energy during summer. At Attic Doctors, our team of experts will ensure that your home can take advantage of the latest, most efficient barrier that money can buy.

Stop overpaying for heating and cooling…Call the Attic Doctors today for a free quote or learn more about our state-of-the-art insulation installation and insulation removal services. 

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