As a homeowner, finally you gathered all your courage to take a peek at your vintage, dark attic, and you are beyond shocked to see that’s above your head all these years. You decided to give your attic a thorough clean up that’s due a long time ago, then you have a question:

What type of attic insulation should I use? Should I install blown-in insulation or replace the old insulation with new batt insulation?

That is a great Q!

We’ve all been bamboozled. Oh, I’m guilty, and that’s the reason I’m setting the record straight about the fallacy of blown-in versus batt insulation. As a serious professional and a licensed C-2 Insulation contractor, it’s easy for me to deal with outdated or antiquated building materials inside the attic space. I pull them out, vacuum, disinfect, deodorize, and upgrade to new, un-faced R-38 Owens Corning insulation. The reason is straightforward: anything that’s blown in will blow up! It’s messy. It’s imperfect. And it makes your attic space unusable. Those three examples are “the trifecta” to understanding and refusing to use 1960s cold war, blown-in insulation. You just don’t put “it” inside your attic. There are lots of testimonies or examples on Google, which will try to justify, persuade you, or manipulate the narrative into believing that it works better than batt insulation. But as an experienced, licensed, and seasoned Insulation Contractor: it’s not accurate; it’s not truthful, and it really doesn’t work better. It’s worse! I’m also a C-20 HVAC contractor who deals with the attic space on a regular basis, and if it was my choice for ideal work conditions, it would be batt insulation, 100 times out of 100. No questions asked! Give me something that’s clean and easy to workaround. As a B1 general contractor, I see the need to use your attic space to possibly store your mountains of stuff, so there’s no debate on that one. Just lay it down and call it a day!


When I mention to you that blown-in insulation is inaccurate, it’s because it settles, it moves, and those that apply this form of insulation have zero understanding of the end results. City codes, contractors, architects all over the U. S. recommend batt insulation to guarantee their end result. I’m tired of all the mumbo jumbo chit-chat about how easy it is to apply, but the implication when it’s all said and done is that YOU, the homeowner, is now dealing with a category 2 Land Fill above your noggin.

Secondly, when I yell at you that you’ve got a mess up there, I’m not kidding! It’s a dump above your head, my friend! There are not enough 33-gallon black bags at Home Depot to dispose of all the smelly, antiquated trash. The attic mess also becomes a potential indoor air quality issue, so those with respiratory problems may be recipients of contaminated air. This ain’t no joke!

And lastly, if you want your attic space to be used for storage or installing canned lighting or new plumbing, or relocating your FAU/furnace to the attic, believe me, lay batt insulation down on the attic floor, and you’ll be glad you did!

You need to find a way to achieve a more clean, sanitary, and orderly attic space so you’ll feel, breathe, and know you’ve chosen wisely, Luke! Don’t get blown away by those you really don’t know or care about the truth! Let me, the Doc, help you achieve your utopian paradise, which lies right above your coconut! As a smart homeowner, which I believe that you are since you are here reading valuable info from The Attic Doc! Get your old, contaminated attic insulation removed and replace it with new R-38 batt insulation. It’s the best choice you can make for your family! So that everyone in your home can breathe cleaner air, enjoy home comfort all year long with less energy bills! Contact The Insulation Pro anytime and get your free attic inspection now!


A house is not 100% clean until you do attic cleaning: Old Attic Insulation Out and New Insulation In!

~One and Only House Doc in O.C.



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