How to Cool Down an Attic?

The Attic Doc has the "Comfy Cure"!

How To Cool Down An Attic? The Attic Doctors Got the “Comfy Cure”


One major cause of attic heat is the lack of proper attic insulation. Many homeowners overlook the importance of attic insulation, which can lead to numerous issues. The problem with an improperly insulated attic is that it absorbs heat and traps warm air inside, consequently damaging the roof. This means a homeowner needs to spend more money on their electricity bills in both summer and winter, along with frequent roof repairs.

If the temperature in the attic is higher than outside, it may be time to install new batt attic insulation. Even though the attic can feel hot during the summer, it’s essential to ensure that it remains below 50 degrees. This will prevent the attic from becoming hot, leaving an uncomfortable living space below. Even worse, it can also lead to premature aging of your roof and air conditioning system.

Fortunately, The Attic Doctors have “Comfy Cure,” the best way to ensure your attic is cooler than cucumber this summer!

How Comfy Cure Cools Down Your Attic?

To understand how our “Comfy Cure” solution works to cool down your attic, we must take a step back to know how heat travels.

Generally, heat will travel from a warm area to a cooler area via conduction, radiation, and convection. When things become hot, they heat the air around them, which then mixes up with the cooler air, raising the temperature.

Radiant heat will travel in a straight line away from a surface, and solids absorb its energy. That’s why your air conditioning or the HVAC unit needs to work overtime when the attic gets hot.

By Installing the radiant heat barrier in the attic, we are essentially minimizing the amount of heat that transfers from the attic to the living areas in your home. However, before we do that (install the radiant heat barrier), we need to undertake a few more steps.

“Check Your Attic’s Existing Insulation

It may come as a surprise to many homeowners, but their attics may already have insulation. However, like everything else, insulation does not last forever. That’s why the first step before we can apply “Comfy Cure” is to check the condition of your insulation.

“This will require cleaning the attic and then checking for leaks. Often insulation that is worn out has holes, and rodents that have feasted on it will need to be replaced. So, what’s left isn’t exactly insulation! If that’s the case with your insulation, it must be removed.

Once the existing insulation has been removed, the place has been disinfected, and everything is rodent proofed, we will install new insulation. Here we offer two options; you can choose cellulose insulation or what we use only– the new Pink Owens Corning R38 fiberglass insulation. The latter comes highly recommended by us because it provides the best bang for buck protection from the heat.

Once the insulation has been installed, we know that cold air can’t leak out of your home, and the heat will not get in. However, as a final step, we use a radiant heat shield (as mentioned earlier) that prevents heat from permeating the home. This increases the efficiency of the insulation, preventing heat from getting in, and improves the efficiency of your cooling system since it does not have to deal with additional heat entering your home.

Airduct Upgrade

We may recommend an air duct upgrade depending on how your home is designed, i.e., its age and other factors. The upgrade helps to improve the ventilation throughout your home. It may also require installing a fan that helps air circulate effectively.

Don’t Let The Heat Make Your Home A Literal Living Hell

Improper insulation or one that is too old to be efficient will ruin having quality time at home. Not to mention that all that extra heat means paying more for cooling. Plus, all that heat is destroying your roof. If you’ve noticed that the roof tends to leak more often than when it starts raining after the summer, it could be because the build-up of heat is destroying it.

However, apart from the heat, our “Comfy Cure” helps keep your home hot during the winter. It does this by increasing the thermal efficiency of your home. So, instead of all the hot air from your HVAC exiting through the attic, it remains in your home. This means that the heating does not have to run as hard to keep the home comfy during the winter.

As you can see, “Comfy Cure” is a cure for cold and the heat. However, the key allows us to look at your attic and decide how best to install the required insulation.


Final Word from The Attic Doc

It isn’t enough only to have insulation. Your home also needs to have the correct type of insulation. Today, with the looming threat of global warming, and the knock-on effect of extensive heat spells, it is worth being prepared. If you’ve never had the insulation in the attic checked, now would be a good time to call us. 714.269.6544

At Attic Doctors, we have been applying “Comfy Cure” for years, and for each of our clients, we’ve made sure that their homes are turned into efficient heating and cooling machines. If you want something similar for your home, call us today.

Our team will gladly visit you, examine your attic and install Comfy Cure. What’s more, it isn’t going to break the bank…we promise!

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