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Many, if not most, people reading this are probably paying more for electricity than they should.  It is not because electricity has become more expensive, which it has and is a discussion for another article, but because their homes are inefficient.

We can tell you from experience that you are at least paying 30% more for electricity than you would have if your home were adequately insulated. Unfortunately, most homeowners in California don’t realize that. They may dread looking at their monthly bills. Still, despite energy rates being on the rise, a home that’s not insulated correctly means that you’re spending way more than you should because all that cooling during the summer and heating during the winter is leaking out of the walls.

This leak, as we have labeled it, isn’t going to stop just because the weather has changed. The good news is that you can do something about it, and it does not entail spending $12k on solar cells or some other exotic technology. All you need is to call an insulation service like ours to come over and inspect the insulation. Our team will look to locate areas that are bleeding your money and then offer to fix them.

99% of our customers will experience a near-instant reduction in their bills! What’s more, they thank us for it. Call now for a quick free consultation. 714.269.6544


Your Neighbors are Paying Less for Electricity, and We Know How to save your Cash

A day does not go by when we aren’t faced with this question. People ask us how their neighbors with the same size family and home are paying less for electricity. Well, it’s all down to the efficiency of your home. Replacing defective or damaged insulation should be the first step to improving the efficiency of your home. That can be followed by installing heating controls, replacing old boilers, and getting a loan to install solar panels.

Think of it this way: even expensive solar panels aren’t going to help you if the home isn’t leaking hot and cold air. Your air conditioning and heating system will not function as efficiently as they should. In other words, you are wasting energy, so you’ll need to invest in larger and more solar panels to achieve the same results. Again, that’s money out of your pocket.

Once you replace the insulation in your house, we guarantee there will be a noticeable and often significant drop in your bills. We’ve been doing this for years, and whenever someone tells us that their electricity is becoming more expensive, we ask to inspect their insulation, after which we find that their home is leaking 50% of whatever they are consuming.

How We Help Improve The Efficiency of Your Home?

You already figured that we’d install or repair the existing insulation in your home. But suppose your home is like most others in California. In that case, you’ll have insulation in multiple locations, and often some of these locations have damaged or old insulation that has fallen out. So, here is how we help you.

#1 Start by Cleaning the Old Attic Insulation 

We all have a passion for clean attics because a clean attic helps reveal all the areas where the insulation is missing, damaged, or eaten by rodents. That’s why the first step is to clean up the place. By the way, we offer complete FREE attic rodent removal and proofing service with our energy upgrade package deal for all our customers in Orange County and LA County.

If we notice areas where the insulation is missing or damaged, we move on to step 2, which is tearing out all the old insulation.

#2 Replacing the Attic Insulation with New R-38 Batt Insulation

After we have removed all the insulation from the attic, we will disinfect and seal the area. In other words, we are rodent-proofing your attic. Then it is time to install new insulation. This can be anything you choose, from cellulose insulation to Pink Owens Corning R38 fiberglass. While the latter is a little more expensive, it saves you money in the long term because it is a far better insulator in our experience. We install this type of insulation for 99% of homeowners in O.C.

Airflow is essential for any home, and we don’t care where you live. The air system needs to be cleaned, and it also needs to be well insulated. That’s where we come in.

If we notice that there are issues with your air duct, we will install a new silver jacket throughout the ductwork. This will help prevent the loss of air from inside your home. Plus, you will feel the difference in the air quality almost as soon as we are done.

#4 Attic Radiant Barrier Installation 

This is probably the best thing you can do for your home; it makes it cool in the summer and helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the winter.

We were taught in high school that heat travels via radiation, conduction, and convection. Usually, warmth in our homes will flow via conduction from a hotter body or location to the cooler one. In a nutshell, a radiant barrier stops the transfer of heat within your home; the result is that the heat remains insulated within the home, ensuring you don’t have to run the heating for as long or as hard. But it also helps keep your home cool by preventing external heat from entering during the summer.

Final Word:

The efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system will dictate how much you pay each month. The right measures can help shore up leaks, ensuring your home’s heating and cooling appliances perform optimally.

If you are trying to figure out why your bills are rising each month, allow us to help you. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners like you improve the efficiency of their homes. Contact us today for expert assistance in cutting what you pay in half, at least!

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