How to Keep Your House Clean and Improve Indoor Air Quality for Less $?

Dirty Well = Dirty Pipes

     How to keep your beautiful house sparkle clean?

    It’s the source. It’s the place where it originates from. It’s your well. It’s stinky, it’s dirty, and it’s unclean. You’re sipping from the worst of the worst. So, you must deal with the “source” to make sure you get safe drinking water. It’s the well, which causes the havoc. And within your house that’s your furnace or your FAU. If it’s dirty, believe me, you need to avoid using it at all costs. It’s not worth the sacrifice to become the sacrifice, if you know what I mean?
     I’m the owner of The Attic Doctors, and I specialize in making sure your cushy, plush homestead is clean from all types of viruses, bacteria, and harmful pollutants. Anything that’s airborne in your living space now becomes your point of potential contact. Why do we want to play roulette with our bods? I don’t and hopefully you don’t either! 

     The first thing is to have regular maintenance on your FAU/furnace. Clean and maintain its efficiency and its airflow. Make sure the return filter is clean. You’ll need to install a Whole House Air Purifier so your system will blow totally clean air. This will also help keep your ducts sanitary. 

     The second item to take care of is your ductwork. You need to make sure they’re installed properly, and not leaking air. Hopefully the ductwork is new, (5-10 years old). It doesn’t cost a ton of money to Remove Old Ductwork and Replace with New Ducts, depending on your attic space or the present installation.

     The last item is your register vents. The “sends” are the ones mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. You can try to use a vacuum or remove the grills to clean them out. The return or returns need to also be cleaned. Either by changing the filter or vacuuming out the return box.

     Clean the well and you get good water and clean pipes. Keep it filthy and you’ll reap a ton of potential diseases. I’ll take the clean approach, how about you?


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