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Orange County, CA, or probably every city in California, has more attic insulation companies than we care to mention. However, when you search for an attic insulation company anywhere, you are bound to run so-called “cheap” businesses. We don’t have anything against cheap, so as long as they do an excellent job without cutting corners. In reality, there are more corners cut than most homeowners may realize, from the quality of materials used to the experience of their employees.

There may also be attic insulation companies near you that aren’t insured, so if they damage your attic, guess who picks up the bill? That’s why you always want to check the credentials of the company you are about to hire, even if a friend or family member recommended them unless they are experts themselves in a related field.

So, what would we want to see in an attic insulation company near me? If we were you, there would be quite a few things we’d like to know, and these are things you’d want to know too.

How Long Has The Company Been In Business?

Let’s say you are a long-time resident of Orange County; even then, you’d be hard-pressed to tell us you know how long a business has been around. However, you can still notify us which companies are relatively new because you just saw them set up shop. But you’re a long-time resident; not everyone may have been around for as long.

If a company has been around for a long time, it means two things:

  • They have continued to deliver a quality service living up to expectations, allowing them to continue paying their bills and thus remain in business.
  • They care about their clients, are insured, and employ professionals.

But the attributes mentioned above aren’t limited to established businesses. We know of many new companies that put in the effort needed to do a good job and employ the best people. But hiring them would be risky unless you know how good they are. That’s why find out how long a business has been around, read their reviews and possibly visit them to get a quote before deciding.

How Do They Insulate Your Home or Repair Insulation?

As we say, the devil is in the insulation process. This is where many businesses cut corners to save money, and that’s the savings they pass on to you. But this often costs you more than you think in the long term.

Generally, the insulation process is pretty straightforward. Once you have agreed to the proposed price for the work, a technician will start adding insulation to your home, mainly to the attic.

But because you will not be with them in the attic, here is what the process should entail:

Remove Every Inch of The Old Insulation

Adding insulation to an attic that was never insulated before isn’t relevant. But for most people, this is an appropriate step because their homes are at least twenty years old. Usually, old insulation is ineffective and infested with pests and mold. So, before any new insulation can be installed, the old must be pulled off… easier said than done!

· Generally, there are two removal methods. The first is by using a high-powered vacuum, which will suck up the loose insulation in the attic, filling it into special insulation removal bags.

· The other method, commonly used if needed, is to remove it by hand.

You will want to find out what method they plan on using and why. Removal by hand takes more time and costs more money.

They Should Remove Pest Debris

The attic insulation company should remove all signs of living and dead pests when removing old insulation. This is important because if they don’t, your new insulation will become as bad as the previous ones in just a few months.

After all the droppings and rodents are removed, the installer can take the steps needed to keep these rodents out of your home. This may require taking a few extra steps, but as professionals, we understand the importance of it and do it for our clients’ peace of mind knowing that their insulation will remain intact for the next few years.

Will They perform Rodent Proofing, and How Good Is It?

As mentioned earlier, not only should attic insulation installers expel rodents, but they also need to seal up the area so that you’re not dealing with them again. Rodent prevention is essential because:

·      Rodents transmit over 30 diseases, and their droppings are an immense health risk regardless of how good your immune system is!

·      Rodents enjoy feasting on insulation; it is like a five-star buffet. They can eat, live, and reproduce without a care in the world.

We will generally use a strong wire mesh and other metallic materials to stop further intrusions by pests. However, this depends on what we are dealing with and the home’s location. While the goal is to seal up all entry points, we must do it most effectively so that the pests don’t bypass them.

That’s why it is imperative to find out what the attic insulation company near you will do to prevent damage from pests to your new insulation.

Finally, Will They Blow-In or Lay The Insulation

Once the old insulation has been removed and all traces of the pests have been eliminated, the next step is the installation process. If it is batt insulation(we highly recommend), the installer will start by rolling out the batts, mainly between the joists. They should take special care to cover all the nooks and crannies properly. Here is what sets the excellent and experienced installers from the cheap ones!

If you have opted to get blow-in insulation, the installer will use a blower hose that will blow it into the surface of the attic floor. They should ensure that the entire area is covered consistently.

Now, if you can’t find an attic insulation company that does the job the way it should, do not hesitate to call us! We live and breathe insulation, so our team will be more than happy to help.

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