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When most people hear the term attic cleaning or if they want attic cleaning, they think it includes just cleaning the attic. Using a broom or maybe a vacuum isn’t technically attic cleaning, despite you cleaning it…allow us to explain.

Professional attic cleaning takes things up several notches. It involves several steps and can take a few days to complete depending on the extent of cleaning needed. In this article, we’ll go into what professional attic cleaning is all about…hint, it isn’t about spot-cleaning dirty insulation or ones contaminated with rodent feces. That is not how attic cleaning works. It is for this reason that we’ve decided to dive into what you can expect when you hire a professional attic cleaning service like ours.


What is Attic Cleaning or, More Importantly, Attic Insulation Cleaning Service?

A thorough attic cleaning typically involves several procedures to ensure the space is thoroughly cleaned and maintained. The specific procedures may vary depending on the company or service provider, but they often include the following:

Debris and junk removal: Removing any clutter or debris accumulated in the attic over time. We need to do this, so things don’t get in the way when working.

Assessment of the attic’s insulation: We start with an inspection of the insulation in the attic to ensure that it is in good condition and adequate for your needs.

Removal of old, contaminated insulation: Removing any insulation that is contaminated or in poor condition. Often this also needs to be done because it doesn’t provide adequate insulation. Usually, this can be the root cause of the “strange” smell everyone keeps telling you about. If not addressed, numerous other issues may soon stem from it. It is worth noting that our old attic insulation removal service usually employs a team to ensure that the work is completed soon.

Installing new insulation: Once all the old and damaged insulation is removed, we need to install new and obviously clean insulation. This will last you for years, but more importantly, it will ensure that your home is more energy efficient.

Identifying and removing rodent infestations and decontaminating the space: Part of our work includes identifying and removing any rodent infestations. We also work to decontaminate the space and put up barriers to prevent future infestations. To us, this is the most crucial step to saving your home from future infestations.

Our complete attic insulation cleaning service takes care of everything needed to ensure your attic’s insulation is as good as new. However, we’d also urge you to consider upgrading your insulation, not only because it will save you more money in the long term but also in the short term in the way of heating expenses.


Professional attic disinfection and sanitation is a process that involves several steps to ensure the safe and effective removal of contaminants such as rodent feces, dust, and dirt. Remember, we mentioned that our goal is also to remove strange odors, and these steps help us accomplish that too.

The first step is cleaning away feces using double-thickness industrial-strength trash bags followed by a high-powered vacuum. These contaminants are then disposed of safely away from home. This ensures that they don’t make their way back to the attic. The vacuum is then used to suck up any residual dirt.

We conduct a thorough deep cleaning during the attic’s sanitation and decontamination process. Our professionals use brushes, sponges, water, and other cleaning solutions to scrub the attic to remove dust and dirt. That’s probably one reason why it is referred to as cleaning.

Our team is equipped with foggers and uses only EPA-approved cleaners to address problem areas and disinfectants that have been proven to eradicate over 99.99% of bacteria and germs. The result is that once we are done, you have brand new clean insulation and an attic that looks and smells fresh. However, beyond this point, it is up to you to maintain the cleanliness of your attic. Avoid placing cardboard boxes, food items and others that may attract rodents to the attic.


Why We Remove Old Attic Insulation?

Attic rodent proofing works by blocking off any potential entry points that rodents might use to get into your ho

Our old attic insulation removal service makes it a point to remove all old and damaged insulation. However, contrary to popular belief, if the insulation looks perfectly okay, it may not necessarily be okay.  Many times old attic insulation that rodents have not damaged will look fine, but the insulation itself has lost the ability to provide adequate insulation.

The other reason is pretty apparent, and that’s damage done by pigeons, rats, mice and other critters that call your attic home. Often these critters leave their scent in your insulation, which, if not addressed, will mean your whole home starts to stink. Plus, feces and urine left behind by rats and mice can eat through some types of insulation, which ends up making it less effective.

Regardless of how often you sweep and try to clean your attic, if the insulation is filthy, old and falling apart, all of that is in vain. That’s why sometimes the best solution is to rip out the old insulation and replace it with a fresh batch. Hopefully, if you can pony up to upgrade, that will save you more in the short and long term by essentially future-proofing your home.

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Our attic insulation cleaning service leaves no stone unturned to ensure that your attic is better than new. We take all the steps mentioned above and more to ensure your attic is transformed into the space it should be and not one that it has become, thanks to probably dozens of unwanted visitors!


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