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When most people think their attic insulation needs to be removed, they start by Googling attic insulation removal and replacement service in Mission Viejo, Orange County.” While that may seem to be the correct way to mine the internet for information, most of you will run into services like ours. But the good news is that our service is all about educating clients, and this blog post is all about helping you determine if your Nixon-era attic insulation needs to be removed.

As an insulation contractor, going into dusty, often hot attics is something we do for a living. We wouldn’t advise you to do it, but if you want to find out if the insulation needs to be removed, you’d need to dawn some old rags and hope you’re not claustrophobic. Alternatively, you can hire us to crawl around in your attic. Regardless, if you notice dust streaks around the registers or a thin layer of powder on the furniture and suspect the source of dust is in the attic, then you may be right.

If you Google Insulation Contractor Near Me Mission Viejo, Orange County,” you may run into articles talking about if your insulation is dirty, it is useful, which isn’t the case. However, if the insulation is from the Nixon-era, and is settling below the attic studs, then you might want to get at least it inspected by us. But as always, there is more than one thing to consider before you decide to keep or remove it.

You are certainly not the proud owner of a critter farm, but the fact is that most critters are attracted to Nixon-era attic insulation. Roof rats, for instance, enjoy feasting on insulation, especially if your neighbors have a few fruit trees nearby. The unmistakably loud tapping in your attic is, in fact, rats and other creatures feasting on rotting insulation.

Most critters enjoy the proximity to insulation so much that they build nests and make the insulation home while multiplying with all their friends. In other words, it is a festive season for these critters, complete with rat urine, droppings, and other potentially hazardous waste, which could rain down on your home sooner or later.

If rats have been in the area, you’ll see signs of droppings. In instances like these, you might want to start by searching attic insulation removal and Replacement Service Near me, Mission Viejo, Orange County, which should help you find a business just like ours. Or you can contact us.

Not only will you want the insulation removed, but the entire area disinfected before you install new insulation, and hopefully not the cheap stuff you had before. We recommend a budget-friendly and eco-friendly insulation solution, both fire retardant and a merciful rodent deterrent. While removing the insulation is a chore, we use the latest machines and our sheer determination to clean your attic and install fresh insulation.

Water Damage 

If the roof has ever leaked, or you have noticed condensation from the cooling unit spilling out of the drip pan onto the insulation, you have more than just an AC problem. The insulation holds great moisture; over time, it can become a hotbed for mildew and mold spores. Unfortunately, saving the insulation may be too late when you notice this happening. Not only would the insulation have lost its effectiveness by this time, but it is now a source of health issues. Yes! You might have guessed it’s time to tear it out.

The good thing is that we can do it for you, so there is no need to search for Insulation Contractor Near Me We will save what can be saved and remove the damaged area from your attic. Then replace it with new insulation and advise that you get your air conditioning unit inspected too.

We Use R-38 Batt Insulation To Air Seal Your Attic

What is the point of insulation if you have air escape or enter through gaps in your attic? In hot climates like Orange County, it is customary to use R-38 batt insulation and remove it from the attic floor. Then use a spray foam, which works as insulation and air seal the attic. This means your attic is completely sealed off, ensuring no dust, critters, or air coming in. The completely sealed attic space will help improve your home’s air quality, and you will not have to run the air conditioner as hard and for as long as you usually did with that Nixon-era insulation.

Final Word

All the crap in your attic that used to be insulation many years ago isn’t going away. If you happen to be in Orange County, California, call us. We are licensed C-2 insulation contractors and C-20 HVAC contractors serving the city and LA county for a long time.

We’ll make short work of everything above your head without ruining the carpet. While you could try doing it yourself, it requires a pro to get in there and do a good job. Fortunately, I’m licensed and bonded. Did I also mention experience? Please think of me as a specialist! I’ll pull out all that rotten insulation in no time and install a fresh batch of R38 Owens Corning Insulation. Ready to have me take care of that disaster above your head? Contact The Attic Doc for a FREE attic Inspection Now!

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