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We will just come right out and say that the attic is the most essential space in your home. It is far more important than your kitchen, living room, and swimming pool. But we can bet you don’t know why we’re saying this. While television programming, magazines, and social media photographs tend to focus so much on interior design and buying the latest gadget, everyone forgets that ventilation is the most essential part of living in any home. Sure, you would spend a thousand dollars on a new set of windows to add curb appeal, but that’s not what we are discussing. We are talking about real ventilation, and that comes from your attic.

There is a reason why almost every home in Orange County has an attic and has always had one. It isn’t just a place to store old clothes and high school memorabilia. It is essential to ensure that everyone in the home breathes healthily. That’s why it merits your attention more than anything else. Unfortunately, it does not get the love it needs because, as they say, “Outta sight, outta mind!”

Well, we are here to remind you why it is essential to take your attic very seriously, especially if you want to improve the quality of life for everyone living there.


#1 Your Attic is the Pathway to Quality Air


Many homeowners may not realize this, but their attic plays a significant role in the air quality they breathe. Rodent waste, dust, mold, and old items can all lower the quality of the air you breathe. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the importance of a clean attic until it starts making it difficult for them to breathe. In other words, the materials in your attic can and often will infiltrate the duct and HVAC system, leading to many issues.

A dirty duct is ruining the air quality of your entire home and making it unhealthy. Fortunately, it is an easy and relatively cheap fix. All you need is to tidy up the duct, remove all the old insulation, seal the HVAC units, and use foam seal for the attic floor. This will help to share most, if not all, of your attic issues. But a simple cleaning is an excellent place to start.

A further investment can be made to overhaul your attic, making it a more organized and cleaner space overall. The result is that you’ll not have to worry about air quality for a long time.



Think of it this way, when it boils in Orange County, which it often does during the summer, your HVAC has to work overtime to compensate. The same goes for when it is freezing, there has to be a separation between your attic and the living space beneath, or the heating will struggle.

In other words, you need to control the environment in the attic to control the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. This will translate to energy savings and, thus, lower bills. You can only achieve this if your attic is in good condition.

The first order of business would be to pull out all the old insulation and replace it with new, high-quality insulation. This will seal it up, ensuring nothing gets in from the outside. The result is that the heat will remain in during the winter, and the cooling system continues to perform optimally without adding more units to your bill. If anything, your investment here offers a mega return regardless of the weather.


#3 Energy-Efficient Attic Makes You Feel Comfy All Year Long


You might not notice this, but when you address the abovementioned issues, you essentially control your attic and related systems. The result is that the home is a lot more comfortable. Your HVAC systems are highly efficient, and you save a great deal on energy bills, enjoy better air quality, and your home is comfy all year round.

As you can see, investing in your attic offers much higher returns on your investment than anywhere else in your home. The attic provides you with comfort and the best quality indoor air while helping you save money on energy. That’s why it is worth every dime you spend. Most people we talk to are surprised when we tell them that they shouldn’t spend money elsewhere in the house until they have fixed the attic, but when we list all the benefits of the attic, they are convinced.

Think of it like this, would you enjoy cooking in your new kitchen if you felt suffocated?  Would your brand-new study be productive when strange smells are intruding on you?


#4 How to Get Started?


Well, now that we have convinced you that the attic serves a higher purpose than simply being a space to store items, how do you improve it? The first thing to do would be to call us for an inspection. A member of our team will climb into your attic for an inspection. The goal is to list everything that can be done to improve your attic and how it functions. We then explain everything needed, and when you agree, we start working.

Most work in the attic, like cleaning and general insulation repair, isn’t all that expensive. However, you might also want to rodent-proof your attic while at it. This will ensure that your entire home remains rodent-proof.

If you live in a home frequented by rodents, they will probably come in through the attic. We can help stop that from happening any further. So, you can be assured that your home is rodent-free, and your high-school memorabilia is safe from hungry rodents looking for a free meal.

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