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Attic insulation can last for many years, depending on the type of insulation and the conditions in which it is installed. Generally, most attic insulation types will last an average of 20 years, and some types can last even longer. However, suppose you have just purchased the home and are wondering how much life the insulation has left. In that case, you will want to get it inspected by an experienced attic insulation contractor.

In the United States, fiberglass batt insulation is the most common attic insulation. As the term suggests, this is made from strands of glass spun into a batting material. According to the Department of Energy, fiberglass batt insulation can last for the life of the building if it is installed correctly. The keyword here is “properly” because if not, it halves their potential lifespan.

Other types of attic insulation, such as spray foam insulation, may have shorter lifespans. Spray foam insulation is made from a combination of chemicals mixed on-site and sprayed into place. While it is very effective at insulating and sealing the attic, it may need to be replaced after 15-20 years, depending on the specific product and the conditions in which it is used.

To ensure that your attic’s insulation lasts the longest time, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation and maintenance.


What Does An Attic Insulation Contractor Do?


An attic insulation contractor in Orange County is professionally trained with experience installing and maintaining attic insulation. Hiring an attic insulation contractor has several benefits, including ensuring they do an excellent job.

The other benefit of hiring an attic insulation contractor is expertise. Attic insulation contractors know the different types of insulation available and which are best suited for various attics. They can recommend the most effective type of insulation based on factors such as the size and shape of the attic, the climate in which the home or building is located, and the homeowner’s or building owner’s budget.

Another benefit of hiring an attic insulation contractor is efficiency. These professionals have the tools and equipment to properly install insulation in the attic, saving homeowners time and effort. In addition, attic insulation contractors are trained to identify and seal any gaps or seams in the insulation, which can help improve the home’s overall energy efficiency.

Finally, hiring an attic insulation contractor can provide peace of mind. These licensed and insured professionals hold them to specific quality and safety standards. Homeowners and building owners can be confident that the work will be done correctly and comply with applicable building codes.


When To Hire An Attic Insulation Contractor?


You will want to hire an attic insulation contractor when there is a problem with the insulation. However, many homeowners may need to know they should hire a professional annually to inspect the existing insulation. An inspection ensures that potential problems are identified before they become more expensive and harder to fix.

Inspections also help identify if your home is being invaded by rodents destroying the insulation before most of it disappears. So, you can hire an exterminator, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars worth of insulation damage ahead of time.

Below are a few more instances when you will want to hire an attic insulation contractor:

When building a new home or addition: If you are building a new home or an addition to your existing home, you may need to hire an attic insulation contractor to insulate the attic space properly. This is especially important if you live in a climate with extreme temperature fluctuations, as proper insulation can help to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient.

When upgrading or replacing old insulation: If the home has old or damaged insulation, you may need to hire an attic insulation contractor to replace the old material. This can help improve your home’s energy efficiency, reducing energy costs.

When you notice problems with your attic insulation: If you see that your attic is too hot or too cold, or if there are visible signs of damage to the insulation (such as gaps, holes, or sagging), it may be time to hire an attic insulation contractor to assess the problem and recommend a solution.

When you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency: If you reduce your energy costs and improve the overall efficiency of your home, hiring an attic insulation contractor to assess and upgrade your attic insulation may be an excellent way to do it.


Your Attic Insulation Is “Invisible” But “Vulnerable”


While attic insulation is generally built to last, it is still vulnerable to various elements.

  • Water damage – If the roof or plumbing leaks, the insulation can become wet and lose effectiveness.
  • Foot traffic – Walking on the insulation can compress it, reducing its insulating properties.
  • Attic ventilation issues – Insufficient ventilation can cause the insulation to become overheated, causing it to break down over time.
  • Age – As insulation ages, it can become less effective at insulating your home.
  • Improper installation – If the insulation is not installed correctly, it may not provide adequate insulation for your home.

If your attic insulation is damaged or deteriorating, you must immediately call an attic insulation contractor in Orange County. Hiring a contractor in time means you’re mitigating damage, and this will save you money that would otherwise be spent on a full-blown replacement of your attic’s insulation.

However, when hiring an attic insulation contractor, hire one with experience and a good reputation. A reputed contractor will ensure that the work done will last for years, saving you money in the long term.

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