Why It's Either Too Cold or Too Hot At Home???

Even though Your House Looks Beautiful......It's just not working for you......

Don’t take this personal, but most of the homes in Cali are just not up to the current building science specs, so we’re all taking a beating from the outside climate change. Your home may be aesthetically pleasing, but it’s mechanically inept! It’s just not working in your favor or on your behalf. When the heat is raging outside, which has become a common rule of thumb in So Cal, then our only escape paradise is to rally the troops inside those four walls. Stuffy, sweaty, stinky, and yukky! Yep! All those nasty traits and more, I’m sure.

In 2K22, there are major leaps forward in the construction industry when it comes to keeping our indoor air quality “Perfecto y Mundo” and our room-to-room temps constant. There are radiant barriers on the inside roof sheathing to offset the heat loads into the attic space, which in turn will lower the temps inside the living space. As a construction professional and idealist, I’m always seeking an ambient temperature, which means, if it’s 85 outside, inside the attic space, you want it to be around 85 also.

So, when I say mechanical, you might think, motor-driven or some constant piston going up and down. The mechanics of a house are the present-day building materials, which will help keep our abode cool, clean, and calm. Who in the heck doesn’t want to enjoy the show from their cushy couch sectional in 3d surround sound? There are 3 parts to making your attic space exist to make your life comfier.

The first of this trifecta is upgrading your insulation to Batt R-38 minimum on the attic floor. Cleaning, vacuuming, disinfecting, and deodorizing the attic floor is the initial step and then onto installing the new insulation. This will calm the noise, keep in the heat from your furnace, and will stave off a portion of the radiant heat from the Sun.

The second part of this trifecta is installing a Quiet Cool 2.0 smart-controlled gable exhaust vent to remove the heat at the top of your attic ridge. This is the highest part of your attic, where the heat just loves to hang out.

The last part and the greatest, most recent, required item of this trifecta is installing a Radiant Barrier to the inside of your attic joists. I have my Radiant Barrier specially made for The Attic Doctors. It’s a 100% aluminum, very thick, and works like a champ. I wouldn’t use any other subpar, radiant barrier product because they’re all inferior.

The only way to curb the current climate change and exist in your plush homestead without all the sweat and toil, which life brings on its merit, is to make sure you call me, 714 269 6544, and I’ll make this clean, cool, and calm “trifecta” work in your attic space. You’ll be so glad you did.

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